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Now: The one-block wide strip of greenery that forms a welcome-mat to the east entrance of Golden Gate Park is a pleasant refuge for bicyclists, residents, and people walking from Haight Street. On the north side of Fulton, the USF Lone Mountain campus rises from the city's mid-northern center and offers splendid views.

Then: The cultivation and planting of trees for the Panhandle, in 1870, preceded the development of the rest of Golden Gate Park, and served more or less as a "trial run". Lone Mountain was a cemetary, until the 1930s.

How To Get There: Walk up one block from Haight Street to the Panhandle, or a few blocks west from Alamo Square or Hayes Valley. For driving, parking is usually possible along Oak Street, on the south edge of the Panhandle.

  • The University of San Francisco (USF) Lone Mountain Campus entrance on Turk Street, between Parker Avenue and Masonic Avenue

  • View east from the steps of USF Lone Mountain Campus

  • Eastern view near the top of USF steps

  • USF Tower

  • Bench and view on the east side of USF

  • View south over Turk Street from USF

  • House on Fulton Street near Central Avenue

  • Houses on Fulton Street

  • Poleng Asian Fusion Lounge, on Fulton Street near Masonic Avenue

  • Papalote Mexican Grill, on Fulton Street near Masonic

  • Fulton Market center

  • Houses on Masonic Avenue

  • The Panhandle, extending east from Golden Gate Park, between Oak and Fell Streets

  • The Panhandle

  • Walking paths at the west end of the Panhandle

  • Playground in the Panhandle

  • Tire Garden at the Playground in the Panhandle

  • Basketball Court in the Panhandle

  • Afternoon shadows in the middle section of the Panhandle

  • Inside the Panhandle, looking toward Fell Street

  • Panhandle, near the east end at Baker Street

  • Oak Street at Masonic Street, from the edge of the Panhandle

  • Houses on Fell Street, facing the Panhandle

  • 33-Stanyan bus on Stanyan Street between Oak and Fell Streets


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