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Now: The iconic Coit Tower is the focal point of the area for most visitors, but if you're willing to take your time and wander (and hike a couple of steep stretches of steps) you can catch a lot of extra scenery. Many people take the Greenwich Street steps since they are closest to the tower, and return the same way. The Filbert Street steps, just to the south, lead through much more of the lush landscaping characteristic of Telegraph Hill.

Then: The name Telegraph Hill came from a structure built on the top of the hill in the mid-1800s, which would visually signal the city with regard to the type of vessels passing through the Golden Gate.

How To Get There: Many visitors drive directly up to Coit Tower, following the signs from North Beach. The small parking lot at the top can be jammed with a waiting queue of cars, especially on nice days. It's actually fairly easy to walk up from Lombard or Greenwich Street. A special 39-line Muni bus runs up and down here from Fisherman's Wharf. If you know you want to climb the scenic steps, you can actually park on the east side, near Levi Plaza and Sansome Street, and start from the bottom.

  • Coit Tower

  • Cars waiting in line to park in the small lot at Coit Tower

  • Entrance to Coit Tower

  • Inside the entry way to Coit Tower

  • Stairway inside Coit Tower, leading up to the top

  • Souvenir penny press inside the top of Coit Tower

  • Coins slipped on to the window ledge in Coit Tower

  • Taking pictures at the top of Coit Tower

  • Looking up from the open top of Coit Tower

  • View north toward the bay and Alcatraz, from the top of Coit Tower

  • Southeast view from Coit Tower, over Embarcadero and Bay Bridge

  • Northwest view from Coit Tower, toward the bay and Golden Gate Bridge

  • South view toward the downtown skyline, from Coit Tower

  • West view across the city, from Coit Tower

  • Southwest view of the city from Coit Tower

  • Parking lot for Coit Tower

  • Taking photos from the west edge of the parking lot at Coit Tower

  • Steps leading down to Greenwich Street from Pioneer Park and Coit Tower

  • Looking toward Coit Tower from Grant Avenue at Greenwich Street

  • Stairway leading down from the parking lot at Coit Tower to the path around Pioneer Park

  • Path around the edge of Pioneer Park, leading toward the front entrance and Lombard Street

  • Pioneer Park, featuring Coit Tower

  • Bench honoring Gugliemo Marconi, developer of the radio telegraph, across from Pioneer Park

  • The Bay Bridge, from the south slope of Telegraph Hill

  • Filbert Street and Telegraph Hill, at the entrance to the Filbert Steps on Telegraph Hill

  • Residences and gardens, from the Filbert Street Steps

  • Filbert Stairway, looking upwards

  • Darrell Place, at the Filbert Steps, on Telegraph Hill

  • Filbert Street Steps, leading down to Montgomery Street, on Telegraph Hill

  • House on Telegraph Hill, at the Filbert Street Steps

  • Looking up toward Filbert Street Steps, from Montgomery Street

  • Looking up at Coit Tower from Montgomery Street, between the two sections of the Filbert Street Steps

  • Coit Tower and the sky, at the top of the Greenwich Street Steps on Telegraph Hill

  • The Parrots of Telegraph Hill, perched on a balcony railing

  • Beginning of the Filbert Street Steps leading up from Sansome Street, at the base of Telegraph Hill

  • Sansome Street, facing the entrance to the Filbert Street Steps at Telegraph Hill

  • Levi Park, facing Battery Street

  • Walkway in Levi Plaza, facing Sansome Street

  • Levi Plaza, at Filbert Street between Battery and Sansome Streets

  • Levi Plaza Park, between Battery Street and the Embarcadero, at the end of Filbert Street

  • Looking back toward Coit Tower, from Levi Plaza Park

  • Entrance to Levi Plaza Park from Embarcadero at Filbert Street, across from Pier 23

  • Julius' Castle Restaurant, at Montgomery Street, at the Greenwich Street Steps

  • The Transamerica Pyramid, from Broadway


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