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Now: Nob Hill is a neighborhood of many hotels, big, old, famous, ritzy, looming over the streets. The California Street Cable Car line crosses the top of Nob Hill, past the hotels and Grace Cathedral. It travels east-west from Embarcadero and ends up at Van Ness Avenue. The Cable Car Museum, at Mason and Washington, lets you look into the operating barn and powerhouse, and see the giant gears pulling the underground cables that drive the Cable Cars.

Then: Before the 1906 earthquake, Nob Hill was the neighborhood club for those with mansion-worthy wealth. After the earthquake, it became the site for hotels bearing the mansion-owners' names (Hopkins, Huntington, Stanford). The Flood Mansion, housing the Pacific-Union Club, was built in 1886, and (along with the Fairmont Hotel, across the street), survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. Grace Cathedral was completed in 1964.

How To Get There: An easy walk from Union Square up to California Street, the Cable Car also comes directly through. The 1-California Muni bus also travels through Sacramento Street.

  • California Street at Powell

  • Cable Car on California Street

  • The Fairmont Hotel, on Mason Street at California Street

  • The Mark Hopkins Hotel, behind the Fairmont

  • The Pacific-Union Club, at Huntington Park, built by James Flood in 1886

  • Gate at the Pacific-Union Club

  • Bush Street, in Nob Hill

  • Fountain in Huntington Park, between the Pacific-Union Club and Grace Cathedral

  • Grace Cathedral, completed in 1964

  • Intersection of Washington and Jones

  • California Street Cable Car in Front of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in Nob Hill

  • Inside the Cable Car on the California Street line

  • Houses on Pine Street in Nob Hill

  • Exterior of the Cable Car Museum, at Washington and Mason Streets

  • Inside the Cable Car Museum


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