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Now: The Hayes Valley commercial sector doesn't have the historic feel that many older neighborhoods have - it's young in age, but adult in style. As a destination, it serves theater and symphony patrons as well as high-end fashion and furnishing shoppers.

Then: Prior to the 1989 earthquake, this area's proximity to the freeway off-ramp made it an undesirable area. After the damaged section of freeway was removed, it cleared the way in the 1990s for growth and trendification.

How To Get There: A short walk west down Hayes Street from the Civic Center Muni/BART station, or northwest from the Van Ness Muni Station, Hayes Valley is centrally located and easy to get to from several neighborhoods. If you're driving to Hayes Valley, you can usually find a parking spot on Grove Street, west of Laguna.

  • Hayes Street in Hayes Valley

  • Bar Jules, on Hayes at Laguna

  • Houses on Hayes Street near Webster Street

  • Fillmore Street at the intersection of Hayes Street

  • Mural on Hayes Street at Fillmore

  • Stacks, on Hayes Street at Octavia Street

  • Graffiti on Linden Street, off of Octavia, in Hayes Valley

  • Cafe & Art Bar on Laguna Street at Linden Street

  • Linden Street betwen Laguna and Octavia Streets

  • Domo Japanese Cuisine, on Laguna Street between Fell and Linden Streets

  • Miette Confectioners on Octavia at Hayes Street

  • Hayes Street at Octavia Street

  • Patricia's Green, at Hayes and Octavia Streets

  • Patricia's Green at Octavia Street between Hayes and Fell

  • Patricia's Green, at Hayes and Octavia Streets

  • Benches in Patricia's Green on Octavia Street

  • Play dome in Patricia's Green on Octavia Street

  • Patxi's Chicago Style Pizza on Hayes at Octavia

  • Hayes Street sidewalk

  • Shops on Hayes Street

  • Frjtz - fries and crepes on Hayes Street

  • The Crepe House in Hayes Valley

  • Citizen Cake, on Grove Street at Gough

  • Borgo Italian Restaurant at Laguna and Fell

  • Moishe's Pippic, Chicago Style Deli, on Hayes Street

  • Absinthe, at Hayes and Gough

  • Tartine Cafe on Gough Street

  • Sauce, on Gough Street near Oak

  • Market Street at Gough

  • Sky View Tour Bus on Octavia Street in Hayes Valley


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