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Inner Sunset/Irving Street

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Now: Frequently fog-bound, the Inner Sunset's epicenter of Irving Street and 9th Avenue is densely packed with diverse eateries including the beloved Arizmendi Bakery. The genuine neighborhood feel and proximity to Golden Gate Park via 9th Avenue make this one of the sweetest spots in the city.

Then: This area is roughly where the first "Sunset District" homes were built on the sand dunes in 1887.

How To Get There: The N-Judah Muni line travels directly through Irving Street, turning up to Judah at 9th Avenue. The 6-Parnassus bus line turns off of Haight Street at Masonic Avenue, if you want a shortcut from the Upper Haight. Parking can be difficult, and you may need to drive a couple of blocks up into the Avenues to find a space.

  • 9th Avenue and Irving Street

  • 9th Avenue, looking north from Irving Street

  • Irving Street between 9th and 10th Avenues

  • The N-Judah Train, on Irving Street

  • N-Judah Train on Irving Street at 9th Avenue

  • N-Judah Muni Train on 9th Avenue

  • Crepevine on Irving Street at 7th Avenue

  • Irving Street, near 7th Avenue

  • 9th Avenue and Judah Street, facing north toward Irving Street

  • Arizmendi Bakery, on 9th Avenue between Irving and Judah Streets

  • Naan n Curry Indian and Pakistani, on Irving Street near 8th Avenue

  • Irving Street, from inside Naan N Curry

  • Tart to Tart Bakery and Cafe, on Irving Street near 8th Avenue

  • The Yellow Submarine Sandwich Shop, on Irving Street at 6th Avenue

  • Pluto's, on Irving Street near 7th Avenue

  • Fireside Bar on Irving Street

  • Pasquale's Pizzeria on Irving Street at 8th Avenue

  • Inner Sunset Neighborhood Bulletin Board on 9th Avenue

  • Tasty Curry, on 9th Avenue near Judah Street

  • Andy's Chinese Cuisine, on 9th Avenue between Judah and Irving Streets

  • 9th Avenue near Irving Street, facing Lincoln Way and Golden Gate Park

  • 9th Avenue between Irving Street and Lincoln Way

  • Park Chow, in 9th Avenue between Irving Street and Lincoln Way

  • Masala Indian Cuisine, on 9th Avenue near Lincoln Way

  • Bistro 9, on 9th Avenue, near Lincoln Way

  • Pacific Catch, at the corner of 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way

  • The Little Shamrock, on Lincoln Way at 9th Avenue

  • Lincoln Way at the corner of 9th Avenue

  • Irving Street near 10th Street

  • New Eritrea Restaurant and Bar, on Irving Street near 10th Avenue

  • Peasant Pies, on Irving Street near 12th Avenue

  • Eddy's Grocery and Liqour, on Irving Street

  • Underdog on Irving Street near 17th Avenue, serving organic sausages and dogs, including vegetarian and vegan options

  • Abandoned service station on Irving Street

  • Sunset Supermarket, on Irving Street near 25th Avenue

  • Markets on Irving Street and 25th Avenue

  • Irving Street, in the Outer Sunset

  • Lam Hoa Thuan Vietnamese Restaurant, on Irving Street near 24th Avenue

  • Irving Street between 23rd and 24th Avenues

  • Gift shop on Irving Street

  • Marnee Thai Restaurant, on Irving Street near 23rd Avenue

  • Sunrise Deli and Cafe, on Irving Street at 22nd Street

  • Silver Spur Bar, on Irving Street near 20th Avenue

  • Glassware in shop window on Irving Street

  • Shangri-la Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant, on Irving Street near 22nd Avenue

  • Johnny's Hamburgers, on Irving Street at 24th Avenue


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