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Now: Mission Street just keeps on going after it skirts Bernal Heights, and any attempt at gentrification is abandoned. It's replaced by liquors, laundromats, and a few dining establishments with seriously unpretentious character. The Oriental and Latino cultures that exist separately in other SF neighborhoods seem to have intertwined as an aggressive hybrid. The adventurous will find some low-key dining gems between the liqour stores and produce markets. John McLaren Park roughly resides in the Excelsior District, also bordering Portola to the immediate north.

Then: Someone thought it was a good idea to name all the streets here after places in Europe.

How To Get There: Although Excelsior lies directly along Mission Street, it can be a long trip on the 49 bus line. If you're driving, you just keep going down Mission Street and park somewhere around Excelsior Avenue. To get the McLaren Park, follow Persia Street from Mission.

  • Mission Street in the Excelsior District

  • Mission Street in the Excelsior District

  • Excelsior Mural on Mission Street

  • Excelsior Wine and Liquors

  • El Chico Produce on Mission Street in the Excelsior

  • Dragon House Martial Arts in Excelsior

  • Clean Wash Center Laundromat in Excelsior

  • Vacant storefront on Mission Street in Excelsior

  • Goldilocks - cakes, breads, pastries and Asian cuisine

  • Super Low Market in Excelsior

  • John McLaren Park at the Persia Avenue entrance

  • Picnic tables in McLaren Park

  • Walking path in McLaren Park

  • Water tower on the peak of McLaren Park

  • City view to the north, from McLaren Park

  • Northwest view from McLaren Park

  • Southwest view from McLaren Park

  • Pine tree in McLaren Park

  • Pond in McLaren Park

  • Grove of trees and east view from McLaren Park (it's a blimp)

  • South view on the border between McLaren Park and Crocker Amazon Park, at Sunnydale Avenue


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