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Now: Balboa Street has some beloved neighborhood establishments, and the east section is a little bit of a Russian enclave. Walk through and see how many Russian-flavored places you can spot. Balboa is the northern counterpart to Irving Street, the commercial area closest to Golden Gate Park.

Then: The Balboa Theater at 38th Avenue was opened in 1926.

How To Get There: The 31-line Muni bus follows a straight path here from Turk Street at Market, but it's a long ride. Parking is difficult along Balboa Street itself, and the immediate side streets. It is two blocks north of Golden Gate Park, so it's an easy walking detour from there, especially if you're driving and have parked on Fulton near the east end of the park.

  • Looking west on Balboa Street, from 2nd Avenue

  • Balboa Street and 6th Avenue

  • Kent Cleaners, at 3rd Avenue and Balboa Street

  • Javaholics Coffee House, on Balboa at 6th Avenue

  • Frankenart Mart, on Balboa Street at 6th Avenue

  • The Richmond restaurant and wine bar, on Balboa Street at 7th Avenue

  • Namu Asian-inspired California Cuisine, on Balboa near 6th Avenue

  • Katia's Russian Tea Room, on 5th Avenue at Balboa

  • O'Keefe's, on 5th at Balboa

  • Thai Noodle Jump, on Balboa near 7th Avenue

  • Unidentified establishment at 6th Avenue and Balboa

  • Balboa Sushi, at 5th Avenue

  • Cinderella Russian Bakery and Cafe, on Balboa at 5th Avenue

  • Globus Russian Bookstore, on Balboa at 5th Avenue

  • Window display at Globus Bookstore

  • Lucky Ocean Aquarium, on Balboa at 2nd Avenue

  • Drink Liquor, on 2nd Avenue at Balboa

  • Rossi Playground and Pool, at Arguello Boulevard and Anza Street, just off of Balboa

  • Rossi Playground entrance, on the Arguello Boulevard side

  • Rossi Playground

  • Lawn in Rossi Playground

  • Baseball field at Rossi Playground

  • Field in Rossi Playground

  • Better Food Market, on Balboa near 32nd Avenue

  • Barking Lot pet groomers, on Balboa near 33rd Avenue

  • Kwok Hong Chinese Herbs, on Balboa at 34th Avenue

  • Jook Time Dim Sum, on Balboa at 35th Avenue

  • Occasional Glass, on Balboa at 35th Avenue

  • Chino's Taqueria, on Balboa at 35th Avenue

  • Sweet House, on Balboa at 36th Avenue

  • Le Bread, on Balboa at 36th Avenue

  • Zephyr Cafe, on Balboa at 37th Avenue

  • Nibs Bakery, on Balboa near 38th Avenue

  • Superior Palace Seafood, on Balboa at 37th Avenue

  • The Balboa Theater, on Balboa Street at 37th Avenue

  • Balboa Teriyaki, on Balboa near 37th Avenue

  • Americana Grill, on Balboa near 37th Avenue

  • Crown Hardware, on Balboa Street near 38th Avenue

  • Balboa Street between 37th and 38th Avenue

  • Happy Dragon Chinese Restaurant, on Balboa near 38th Avenue

  • Kam's Chinese Restaurant, on Balboa near 38th Avenue


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