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Japantown/Post Street

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Now: The indoor Japan Center shopping complex houses sushi and noodle houses, bakeries, Japanese specialty shops, and an impressive bookstore. The recently remodeled Sundance Kabuki Cinema is adjacent. Several stores along Post Street in the immediate area stock home and grocery items from Japan.

Then: The Japanese who originally lived in this area were taken into internment camps during World War II, and only a portion returned after the war. It formally became Japantown in 1968, with the opening of the Japantown Center and the Peace Pagoda.

How To Get There: Japantown is directly connected to Fillmore Street at Post Street, so it's easy to visit both areas by walking. The Sutter Street Muni buses (2, 3, 4) hit Fillmore one block north of Post. There is usually parking available at the garage under the Sundance Kabuki theatre at Fillmore and Post.

  • Japantown Banner on Post Street

  • Japan Center, from walkway at Osaka Way

  • Peace Pagoda in the Japan Center complex at Post and Buchanan Street

  • Sculpture on Post Street at Japan Center

  • Post Street at Webster in Japantown

  • Corner of Post Street and Laguna Street in Japantown

  • Soko Interiors, on Post Street near Osaka Way

  • Hotel Kabuki, on Post Street near Laguna Street

  • O Izakaya Lounge, in the Hotel Kabuki

  • Super 7, on Post Street near Osaka Way

  • Bushi-Tei, on Post Street near Laguna Street

  • Soko Hardware

  • Osaka Way Street Sign

  • Osaka Way (Buchanan, between Post and Sutter)

  • Osaka Way

  • Japanese Cultural Center, on Sutter Street

  • Inside Japan Center Mall

  • Japan Center Mall

  • May's Coffee inside Japan Center

  • Shops inside Japan Center

  • Taiyodo Record Shop

  • Nippon-Ya

  • Kinokuniya Book Store, with a huge selection of Japanese books and media

  • Upstairs level at Japan Center

  • Sundance Kitchen, part of the Sundance Kabuki Theater complex


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