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SOMA (South Of Market)/South Beach

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Now: From the foot of the Bay Bridge to the South Beach Marina and China Basin, this is an area of high glass office towers, condominiums and lofts, angular late-20th century development, and sidewalks swept clean by by half-hearted gentrification attempts.

Then: Long a desolate area of the city, the industrial warehouses along the south waterfront largely empty and run down by the 1970s. The conversion to offices through the 1990s dot com boom, and then the construction of the ballpark in 2000 brought a makeover that is still ongoing.

How To Get There: The N-Judah and T-Third Street Muni lines continue on past Embarcadero and stop and 2nd/King Street (by the Ballpark) and 4th/King Street (by the Caltrain Station). The 30 and 45 bus lines run up and down 3rd and 4th Streets, and may be boarded at Market Street. Parking is generally not too difficult, except when ball games are happening, when it becomes impossible.

  • The end of Market Street, at the Embarcadero

  • One Market Restaurant, on Market at Embarcadero

  • Boulevard, at the end of Mission Street at the Embarcadero

  • Perry's, facing Embarcadero

  • Chaya Brasserie, on the Embarcadero between Howard and Mission Streets

  • Audiffred Building, housing Boulevard Restaurant at Embarcadero and Mission

  • Lightening Foods Sandwich Shop, on Mission Street at Spear Street

  • Rincon Center, on Mission Street at Spear Street

  • Inside Rincon Center

  • Tables inside Rincon Center

  • Courtyard between One and Two Rincon Center

  • The Cosmopolitan Lounge on Spear Street at Mission Street

  • Lee's Deli, on Spear Street

  • Howard Street at Spear Street

  • Epic Roasthouse, on the Embarcadero between Folsom and Harrison Streets

  • Waterbar, next to Epic Roasthouse, on the Embarcadero

  • The Bay Bridge, from the Embarcadero

  • The Embarcadero, south of Market Street, facing north

  • Cupid's Span, at the Embarcadero

  • Lofts on 3rd Street, south of Market Street

  • O'Neill's Irish Pub, on 3rd Street between King and Townsend Streets

  • AT&T Ballpark, at King Street and 3rd Street

  • The ballpark, from the south harbor walkway

  • Ballpark and giant glove and bottle

  • Boats in the south harbor

  • Walkway along the edge of the south harbor

  • Java House on Pier 40, on the water near the ballpark

  • Red and silver art object in the lawn near the south harbor

  • Town Hall American Cuisine, on Howard Street between Fremont and Beale Streets

  • Town's End Restaurant and Bakery, at the end of Townsend Street at the Embarcadero

  • Steuart Street at Mission Street, where the 14-Mission bus stops

  • The 14-Mission Street Bus at Steuart Street and Mission Street

  • Mission Street between Steuart Street and Embarcadero

  • The Embarcadero at Folsom Street

  • Folsom Street Muni Station on the Embarcadero

  • T-Sunnydale Muni train on Embarcadero at Folsom Street

  • View of the Bay Bridge from the back window of the T-Sunnydale Muni train

  • Inside the T-Sunnydale Muni train, on King Street

  • China Basin, at 3rd Street south of Berry Street and the ballpark

  • Amici's East Coast Pizzeria, on King Street near 3rd Street

  • The Caltrain Station, on King Street at 4th Street

  • K&L Wine Merchants, on 4th Street at Bluxome Street, between Brannan and Townsend Streets

  • Coco 500 Restaurant, on 4th Street at Brannan Street

  • Fringale French Restaurant, on 4th Street near Brannan Street

  • Zuppa Italian Restaurant, on 4th Street near Brannan Street

  • The Palms Condominiums, on 4th Street near Bryant Street

  • Salt House, on Mission Street between 1st and 2nd Streets

  • Mixt Greens, on Mission Street between 1st and 2nd Streets

  • Murphy's Deli, off of Mission Street


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