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Richmond/Geary Boulevard

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Now: The main east-west traffic artery for the Richmond area, this wide boulevard is a home for many businesses that don't have a place in the city's smaller avenues. Chain stores and fast food are mixed together with vintage SF restaurants. If you're driving, the traffic lights will probably ensure that you have plenty of time to notice everything.

Then: It's no accident that Geary heads directly to Sutro Heights Park and ends there. This was the dirt road that early San Francisco residents drove their carriages on to get to the Cliff House and Ocean Beach.

How To Get There: The 38-line Muni bus travels Geary Boulevard, but it's crowded and quite slow with its many stops. Parking is difficult where you're parallel with popular sections of Clement Street (like 6th Avenue), and hit or miss further west.

  • Geary Boulevard between 10th and 11th Avenue

  • Geary Boulevard at 9th Avenue

  • Geary Boulevard near 8th Avenue

  • Geary Boulevard at 11th Avenue

  • Gaspare's Pizza, on Geary Boulevard near 19th Avenue

  • Geary Boulevard at 23rd Avenue

  • Khan Toke Thai House on Geary Boulevard at 23rd Avenue

  • Tommy's Mexican Restaurant on Geary Boulevard near 24th Avenue

  • Aziza, on Geary Boulevard at 22nd Avenue

  • Pacific Cafe Seafood Restaurant on Geary Boulevard at 34th Avenue


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