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Now: 24th Street from the Mission Street and BART station intersection, eastward, has long been the richest sector of business by and for Latino families. Hipster-fication has seeped through in the form of gourmet ice cream, donut, and coffee shops. There are more murals and wall paintings concentrated in this area than in any other part of the city, thanks largely to the Precita Eyes organization. The epicenter for these paintings is Balmy Alley.

Then: Many of the oldest businesses along this street (including shops and bakeries) have been here since the 1940s and 50s, when workers came from Mexico to work in the shipyards and factories, and settled. The St. Francis Fountain and Diner has been here since 1918.

How To Get There: Take BART to 24th and Mission from any other BART station (Powell, Montgomery, Civic Center). Another fantasic Mission District departure from the standard downtown fare, and so easy to get to. For a study in contrasts, walk through the Noe Valley section of 24th Street (up the hill, to the west), and then the Mission section.

  • Dolores Street at 24th Street

  • Guerrero Street at 24th Street

  • Papalote Mexican Grill, on 24th Street at Valencia

  • 24th Street at Valencia Street

  • Mission Street at Valencia Street

  • Houses at 24th Street near Valencia

  • 24th Street sign at Mission Street

  • Corner of 24th Street at Mission Street

  • BART Station and bus stop on Mission Street at 24th Street

  • Entrance to the BART station at 24th Street and Mission Street

  • Stairs leading down to the BART station at 24th and Mission Streets

  • Inside the BART station at 24th and Mission Streets

  • Mural on Osage Alley at 25th Street near Mission

  • Capp Street at 24th Street

  • Utility box on 24th Street

  • Murals in a parking lot on 24th Street near Valencia

  • Shop window on 24th Street

  • The Napper Tandy Bar, on Mission Street at South Van Ness

  • Houses on Shotwell Street near 24th Street

  • Houses on Shotwell Street

  • Garages at 25th Street

  • Garage mural near 25th Street

  • Houses on Folsom Street near 24th Street

  • Houses on Folsom Street

  • Entrance to Balmy Street from 24th Street, between Treat Avenue and Harrison Street

  • Balmy Street at 24th Street - a corridor filled with murals

  • Philz Coffee on 24th Street at Folsom Street

  • The 67 bus approaching Folsom Street from 24th Street

  • Folsom Street, looking south from 24th Street

  • La Palma Mexica-Tessen, on 24th Street

  • Painted windows on 24th Street

  • Mr. Burbujas Laundromat on 24th Street

  • The 48 bus on 24th Street

  • 24th Street at Alabama Street

  • Dominguez Mexican Bakery on 24th Street at Alabama

  • La Victoria Bakery on 24th Street at Alabama Street

  • Arkay Workshop clothing and jewelry, on 24th Street between Bryant and Florida Streets

  • 24th Street near Bryant Street

  • 24th Street at York Street

  • Entrance to the mini-park at 24th Street and York

  • Snake in the mini-park at 24th Street and York

  • Tiled snake-head at the playground in 24th Street/York Mini-Park

  • Eye of the snake head at 24th Street and York mini-park

  • Mural at the 24th Street and York Mini-Park

  • St. Francis Diner and Fountain on 24th Street at York

  • St. Francis Fountain

  • La Reyna Bakery on 24th Street

  • Exterior decor on side of house off of 24th Street

  • Pop's, on 24th Street at York

  • House on York Street at 24th

  • Roosevelt Tamale Parlor on 24th Street

  • Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, on Harrison at 24th Street

  • Dynamo Donuts, on 24th Street near York

  • 24th Street at Hampshire Street

  • Entrance to Potrero del Sol Park, at Utah Street, just south of 25th Street

  • Potrero del Sol Park

  • Birdhouses in Potrero del Sol Park

  • Playground in Potrero del Sol Park

  • Skating area in Potrero del Sol Park

  • Rolph Playground at Potrero Avenue just south of 25th Street

  • Field in Rolph Playground

  • Walkway in Rolph Playground

  • Walkway over Cesar Chavez Street at Potrero Avenue

  • View west from walkway over Cesar Chavez Street

  • Mural on store at Potrero Avenue


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