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Now: A large swath of the eastern side of the Presidio (bordering the Marina) has been redeveloped as a grassy park adjacent to office complexes. Very twisty roads fill the middle area, through gorgeous wooded areas and streets lined with former military housing. The west side meets the Pacific Ocean and encompasses the popular Baker Beach and some scenic battery installments leading north toward the Golden Gate Bridge.

Then: A base for the U.S. military since 1846 (and Spain and Mexico prior to that, dating back to 1776), the Presidio was turned over to the public under the Presidio Trust (created by the U.S. government to manage the property) in 1996. Since then, the buildings that formerly housed military personnel have been leased for use by businesses and residences.

How To Get There: Some Muni bus lines do run through the Presidio, though mostly around the perimeter and toward Golden Gate Bridge. The east side of the Presidio, including the recently developed park area, can easily be entered from Chestnut Street, or any street on the west edge of the Marina. The scenic areas on the west side can be reached by entering at 25th Avenue, which turns into Lincoln Boulevard. Mountain Lake Park can be entered from Lake Street at 12th Avenue.

  • Presidio, on the east side, near Lincoln Boulevard

  • Presidio building on Funston Avenue, near Lincoln Boulevard

  • East side of the Presidio, facing the Palace of Fine Arts

  • Fountain near the eastern edge of the Presidio

  • Pres a Vi Restaurant and Wine Bar, at the intersection of Lombard Street and Letterman Drive in the Presidio

  • Chestnut Street entry to the Presidio

  • Residences inside the Presidio

  • House in the Presidio

  • Offices in the Presidio

  • Houses on Storey Avenue in the Presidio

  • Log Cabin, built in 1937, on Storey Avenue in the Presidio

  • Inspiration Point, where Arguello Boulevard intersects with Washington Boulevard in the Presidio

  • Baker Beach, at the end of Gibson Road, off of Lincoln Boulevard at the west edge of the Presidio

  • West toward the ocean, from Baker Beach

  • Baker Beach, north view toward Golden Gate Bridge

  • Baker Beach

  • Picnic tables in the park grounds at Baker Beach

  • Battery Godfrey, at Langdon Court, off Lincoln Boulevard on the northwest edge of the Presidio

  • Pacific Ocean, from the cliff edge at Battery Godfrey

  • View from Battery Godfrey, toward Golden Gate Bridge

  • Walking path at Battery Godfrey

  • Ocean view from the edge of Battery Godfrey

  • Concrete structure at Battery Godfrey

  • North view, from Battery Boutelle

  • Battery Cranston, near the Golden Gate Bridge in the Presidio

  • Cliffs near the Coastal Trail, south of the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Coastal Trail at the west edge of the Presidio, leading toward the Golden Gate Bridge

  • Looking south from the cliffs near the Coastal Trail

  • Ocean surf at the bottom of the cliffs near the Coastal Trail

  • Looking south on the Coastal Trail near the Golden Gate Bridge

  • The west side of the Presidio, near the ocean

  • Mountain Lake Park, at the south edge of the Presidio

  • Entrance to Mountain Lake Park, at Lake Street and 12th Avenue

  • Playground at Mountain Lake Park

  • Mountain Lake Park

  • Walkway in Mountain Lake Park, leading out to Lake Street

  • The lake in Mountain Lake Park

  • Inside Mountain Lake Park

  • Lawn in Mountain Lake Park

  • Plaque marking camp site of colonists in Mountain Lake Park

  • Walking path on the north edge of the lake, in Mountain Lake Park

  • Benches at the north edge of Mountain Lake Park


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