San Francisco Links

News & Information:

SF Appeal

Forthright daily coverage of news pertinent to SF, entertainment and events. A strong alternative news source.

SFGate - The San Francisco Chronicle Online

Frequently updated world and local news (with reader comments), entertainment, food and wine, featured columns, and real estate porn on the site mirroring the newspaper.


A progressive alternative news source since 2004, featuring deliberate political counterpoint to the Chronicle.


7 X 7 Magazine

Shining a light on the best of everything within the 7 X 7 mile boundaries of San Francisco.

San Francisco Magazine

Online home of the elegant and stylish magazine dedicated to San Francisco. Strong coverage of high-end shopping and dining options, and insights on trends and exploration options in and around the city.


San Francisco Bay Guardian

News, politics, restaurant reviews, event calendars, and blogs at the site for the San Francisco weekly.

SF Weekly

Published by Village Voice Media, this weekly features incisive public-interest stories, entertainment and arts coverage, and blogs.


San Francisco Neighborhoods on Wikipedia

Valiant attempt to comprehensively list and define every San Francisco neighborhood. Short descriptions or links to larger main articles are available for each neighborhood, with history, geography, and citations on cultural impact.

The Best of San Francisco's Neighborhoods on 7 X 7

Mapped list of 250 things to do throughout 10 different neighborhoods. Also see winning essays from the gorgeous July/August 2009 Neighborhood Issue, created from reader contributions.

SFGate Neighborhoods: San Francisco

Reference section within the SF Chronicle site. Select neighborhoods are profiled with well written descriptions and extensive listings of restaurants and shops within each. Deco Ghetto?

Found SF

Wiki-style archive featuring historical photos, essays, stories, and other media contributed by many. Material is categorized by Decade, Neighborhood, Population, Theme, and Tours. A beautiful, rich resource.

Western Neighborhoods Project

Preserving the history of San Francisco's West side. Contributed historial essays and photos including background on Golden Gate Park, the Sunset, and Ocean Beach.

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Explore SF

Lists of suggested places to eat, shop, and have fun beyond the usual tourist destinations, within a handful of neighborhood focal points.

SF Station

This city guide features an up-to-the-minute event calendar, plus info on restaurants, clubs, bars, music, arts, and shopping.

San Francisco Underground Travel

An indepndent and "brutally honest" guide featuring recommended activities, tourist traps to avoid, travel tips, and extensive information on hotels and motels. San Francisco Neighborhood Guides

Neighborhood and transportation maps, short descriptions and groups of photos serve as brief guides for specific neighborhoods. Many advertisements and sponsored links.

Tour San Francisco

Part of a set of guides to travel destinations, this site includes pages dedicated to many specific neighborhoods and areas of SF, plus sightseeing information.

A Local's Guide for People Visiting or Moving to San Francisco

General info, maps, photos, neighborhood descriptions, tips for visiting or moving to SF. A friendly site by longtime resident Alfredo Jacobo Perez Gomez.


Mission Mission

Like the Mission itself, this blog is on top of everything you didn't know you cared about. To read it is to know more and understand even less about the magic and microcosmic Mission.

Muni Diaries

Stories, photos, experiences, and news items related to the city's transit system. A community celebration of the wonders and miseries that make riding Muni a quintessential San Francisco experience.

The N-Judah Chronicles

Forthright coverage of Muni-related issues, and items of general concern to SF residents.


SF-related stories and angles that other news sources miss, the daily updates here consistently deliver on the stuff you want to know about.

Streetsblog San Francisco

A daily news source with focus on urban transportation issues, and proponent of the Livable Streets initiative.


Adventurous and frequently hilarious guide to vegan dining in and around San Francisco. Started by Laura, of Yelp infamy, the site is updated often with posts chronicling experiences, recipes, and new discoveries. If there is a vegan dish or dessert somewhere, they'll find it.

Not So Serious

Insightful and deliciously written posts that often hold up a well-angled mirror to SF life and culture, including Things That Are Important In SF Part Deux.

Eater SF

Part of a network of blogs, features include coverage of restaurant openings and closings, reviews, and best-of lists.


No longer updated, the archive contains 1,000 photos, each accompanied by an illuminating text entry highlighting a feature of the San Francisco area.