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Miraloma Park/Mt. Davidson

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Now: If you live in San Francisco, or have visited often, you have probably seen the wooded hill with the giant white cross peeking out from the top. But a surprising number of residents have never climbed this hill to the top.

Then: This land was owned during the late 1800s by the ubiquitous Adolph Sutro. The hill became a park in 1929.

How To Get There: Portola Drive (what Market Street turns into, west of Twin Peaks) passes through the Miraloma Park area. Just west of the small commercial strip, you can go left on Miraloma Drive, which turns (left) into Marne Avenue. Jog left again onto Juanita Way, and stop at the foot of the hill where the steps are visible. The exact location is here.

  • Tower Market (Mollie Stone's) on Portola Drive in Miraloma Park

  • Creighton's Bakery in Miraloma Park

  • Miraloma Market, near the foot of Mount Davidson

  • Marne Avenue, where it turns into Juanita Way

  • Juanita Way, looking toward Mt. Davidson

  • Steps leading up to Mt. Davidson at Juanita Way

  • Looking down at Juanita Way from the steps

  • Walking trail inside Mt. Davidson Park

  • Inside Mt. Davidson Park

  • Trails in Mt. Davidson Park

  • Trees inside Mt. Davidson Park

  • Trail inside Mt. Davidson

  • Clearing near the top of Mt. Davidson

  • Steps leading up to the top of Mt. Davidson

  • Bench on the east side of the peak of Mt. Davidson

  • View toward the northeast and city skyline, from the top of Mt. Davidson

  • Southeast view toward the Excelsior and Crocker Amazon, from the top of Mt. Davidson


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