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Parkside/Taraval Street

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Now: Blending with the Sunset District, Parkside is mostly residential stucco post-1945 homes in soft colors. Stern Grove and the adjacent Pine Lake Park fill the southeast corner of the neighborhood. Taraval Street is a spotty, low-key commercial sector. Sloat Boulevard and the San Francisco Zoo border the area on the southwest, at the edge of the Great Highway and Pacific.

Then: Around the turn of the 20th century, Stern Grove was a resort called "Trocadero", a recreational magnet for high society. See related postcards of Fleishhacker Pool.

How To Get There: The L-Taraval Muni line goes directly through Parkside, finally looping back around by Sloat Boulevard and the San Francisco Zoo. Parking is easy around this area, and Stern Grove can be entered on the north side at Wawona Street.

  • Taraval Street at 21st Avenue in Parkside

  • Station for the L-Taraval Muni train on Taraval Street near 21st Street

  • Entrance to Sigmund Stern Grove, at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard

  • Taraval Street from the Muni platform

  • Taraval Street

  • McCoppin Square Park

  • Steps at the corner of McCoppin Square Park

  • Path inside McCoppin Square Park

  • Playground in McCoppin Square Park

  • Lawn in McCoppin Square Park

  • Tennis Court in McCoppin Square Park

  • Inside Stern Grove

  • Outdoor Theater in Stern Grove

  • Walking path in Stern Grove

  • Park building in Stern Grove

  • Lawn in Stern Grove

  • Pine Lake Park, on the west side of Stern Grove

  • Creepy rabbit in Pine Lake Park

  • In the Pine Lake Park side of Stern Grove

  • Taraval Street near 26th Avenue in Parkside

  • Taraval Street at 27th Avenue, facing west

  • Taraval Street at 31st Avenue

  • Nails by Linda on Taraval Street near 31st Avenue

  • Taraval Street near 32nd Street

  • Residences in Parkside

  • The L-Taraval Muni Train near 27th Avenue in Parkside

  • The end of Taraval Street, at Ocean Beach

  • Ocean Beach near the end of Taraval Street

  • Ocean Beach, near Taraval Street, looking north

  • Doggie Diner sign, on Sloat Boulevard at 45th Avenue

  • Java Beach Cafe and Pasquale's Pizzeria, on Sloat Boulevard at 45th Avenue

  • The Carousel Building on Sloat Avenue

  • San Francisco Zoo Entrance on Great Highway at Sloat Boulevard

  • Entrance to the San Francisco Zoo

  • Remains of the Fleishhacker Pool House, in front of the San Francisco Zoo parking lot

  • Part of the Fleishhacker Pool House, from the zoo parking lot


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