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Alamo Square

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Now: Victorian splendor characterized by the iconic Queen Anne "Painted Ladies", behind which the central downtown skyline protrudes. The slope of Alamo Square Park is the green sunny vantage point for the famous static show. Houses along McAllister and surrounding streets are breathtakingly stylish and ornate. Divisadero Street is nearby.

Then: West winds blew the fire back following the 1906 earthquake, sparing enclaves of homes west of Van Ness Avenue (area often classified as Western Addition). Alamo Square Park was sculpted in the 1890s, as neighborhood formed.

How To Get There: From Church Street at Market, take the 22 Fillmore bus to Hayes Street. Alamo Square Park is one block over to the west, at Steiner Street. Or from Hayes Valley, go west on Hayes Street about three blocks past the commercial sector.

  • Entrance to Alamo Square Park on Steiner Street at Grove Street

  • The northeast corner of Alamo Square Park

  • Alamo Square Park, looking southwest

  • Alamo Square Park

  • Fulton Street and City Hall from Alamo Square Park

  • West side of Alamo Square Park

  • Painted Ladies from Alamo Square Park

  • Painted Ladies and city skyline

  • Painted Ladies, from the sidewalk on Steiner Street

  • Sightseeing bus approaching the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street

  • Houses on Scott Street

  • House at the corner of Scott and Fulton

  • Scott Street at Fulton Street

  • McAllister Street at Scott Street

  • Houses on McAllister Street between Scott and Pierce Streets

  • Porches and doorways of houses on McAllister Street

  • Houses on McAllister Street

  • Houses on McAllister Street between Pierce and Steiner Streets

  • Windows of house on McAllister Street

  • Porches and doorways on McAllister Street

  • Steiner Street at McAllister Street

  • Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast on Steiner Street at Golden Gate Avenue

  • House on Golden Gate Avenue at Steiner Street

  • Steiner Street at Golden Gate Avenue

  • Mini Park at Steiner Street and Golden Gate Avenue

  • Alamo Square Cafe, on Fillmore Street at Hayes Street

  • Grove Street between Fillmore and Steiner Streets, looking toward Alamo Square Park


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