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Bernal Heights/Cortland Avenue

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Now: San Francisco's back yard, lovingly cultivated in a loose patchwork of neighborhood gardens and stairways by residents. Bernal Hill offers one of the city's landmark wraparound views. Alemany Farmer's Market (Saturday) and Flea Market (Sunday) deliver with small-town heart. Homes are modest in style compared to central areas of city.

Then: Holly Park land was donated to the city in 1862 and gradually upgraded as homes appeared through the late 1800s. The neighborhood grew around pasture hill following 1906 earthquake.

How To Get There: Cortland Avenue connects directly with Mission Street on the west side, and Bayshore Boulevard on the east side. From the Mission side, it's a fairly short walk to the commercial sector of Cortland (about 4 blocks), although it is uphill. The 67 Muni bus goes up Folsom Street to Bernal Heights from the 24th Street/Mission BART station.

  • Good Life grocery on Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights

  • Storefronts on Cortland Avenue

  • Liberty Cafe on Cortland Avenue - dinner menu features pot pies, bakery open daytimes

  • Little Nepal - Nepalese food on Cortland Avenue

  • Maggie Mudd ice cream, with many non-dairy selections

  • Progressive Grounds Coffee on Cortland Avenue

  • Red Hill Books on Cortland Avenue

  • Holly Park entrance, at Holly Park Circle near Park Street

  • Walking path at Holly Park

  • At Holly Park, facing west

  • West view from Holly Park

  • Northwest city view from Holly Park

  • Cortland Avenue at Bonview Street

  • Eugenia Avenue at Coleridge Street

  • Eugenia Avenue between Coleridge Street and Mission Street

  • Good Prospect Community Garden, at Cortland Avenue and Prospect Avenue

  • Stairway connecting Kingston Street between Prospect Avenue and Coleridge Street

  • Houses on Coleridge Avenue

  • House on Coleridge Avenue at Esmerelda Avenue

  • Esmeralda Avenue stairway at Coleridge Street

  • Stairs at Esmerelda Avenue

  • Intersection of Lundys Lane and Esmeralda Avenue, at top of stairway

  • Eugenia Garden, on Eugenia Avenue between Prospect Avenue and Winfield Street

  • Esmeralda Playground, between Coleridge Street and Lundys Lane

  • Bus stop on Bradford Street at Bernal Heights Boulevard, near Bernal Hill

  • The 67 Bus at Bradford Street and Bernal Heights Boulevard

  • Looking towards Bernal Hill from Bradford Street

  • Path on Bernal Hill

  • Bernal Hill

  • Looking east from Bernal Hill

  • City view from top of Bernal Heights Park

  • North view from Bernal Heights Park

  • South view from Bernal Heights Park

  • Southeast view from Bernal Hill, including the bay and Candlestick Park

  • City view at dusk from north side of Bernal Hill

  • The top of Bernal Hill

  • The south side of Bernal Hill

  • Bernal Heights Boulevard at the edge of Bernal Hill

  • Stairs leading down from Bernal Hill, on the south side

  • Steps leading up Bernal Hill from south side of Bernal Heights Park

  • Ellsworth Street at Bernal Heights Boulevard on the south side of Bernal Hill

  • Ellsworth Street, looking down toward Cortland Avenue

  • Prentiss Street in Bernal Heights, looking south

  • Saturday Farmer's Market on Alemany Boulevard in Bernal Heights

  • Saturday Farmer's Market on Alemany Boulevard in Bernal Heights

  • Cowgirl house in Bernal Heights

  • Precita Park entrance on Folsom Street

  • Precita Park, from Folsom Street

  • Caffe Cozzolino, Italian restaurant next to Precita Park on Folsom Street

  • Charlie's Cafe on Folsom Street

  • Stairway at Franconia Street

  • View of freeway interchange from the end of Peralta Avenue

  • Walkway above Bayshore Boulevard at the end of Faith Street, at Holladay Avenue

  • Steps at the end of Joy Street

  • The end of Joy (Street)

  • Miller Memorial Grove

  • This is a nice neighborhood garden

  • Steps at Rutledge Street


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