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Duboce Triangle

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Now: The geographic and functional crossroads connecting several key neighborhoods - nearly every Muni train passes through either above or below ground. Duboce Triangle lacks its own commercial thoroughfare, being more the glue to those adjacent to it. The rectangular stretch of lawn that is Duboce Park makes dogs happy. The well preserved Victorians make residents happy.

Then: Apparently some foresight and recognition of value came into play when the homes and streets in this area were eligible for demolition and replacement with mid-20th century boxes.

How To Get There: Duboce Triangle is one of the easiest places to get to on Muni from anywhere. The N-Judah stops directly at the edge of Duboce Park, the underground lines (M, L, K, T) all stop at Church Station one block southeast, and the J-Church goes by above ground. From the Lower Haight, it's a short jog over.

  • Duboce Park Cafe, on Sanchez Street at Duboce Street

  • Duboce Park

  • Houses on north side of Duboce Park

  • Walking path at the east side of Duboce Park

  • Entry to Carmelita Street, from the northwest corner of Duboce Park

  • Looking east across Duboce Park

  • Playground on the west side of Duboce Park

  • The N-Judah Muni Train leaving the intersection of Church and Duboce

  • East Portal Station, at the south edge of Duboce Park

  • Porch in Duboce Triangle

  • Noe Street in Duboce Triangle

  • L'ardoise French Bistro on Noe Street in Duboce Triangle

  • Noe Street at Market

  • Waiting for the N-Judah on Duboce Street at Church


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