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Cole Valley/Cole Street

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Now: Close enough to feel the turbulence from Haight Street lap at its doorstep, but far enough away to close the shutters and retreat into Victorian charm.

Then: The Sunset Tunnel, used by the N-Judah Muni Line, was opened in 1928. Cole Valley began to grow around the train stop at the intersection of Carl and Cole.

How To Get There: The Muni N-Judah line stops in Cole Valley (at Cole and Carl Street). You can also walk three blocks up Cole Street from Haight Street.

  • Cole Street, looking south

  • Cole Valley Cafe

  • Zazie on Cole Street, popular for brunch

  • Crepes on Cole

  • Reverie Cafe and Bar, featuring a back patio

  • Richard Gamble Memorial Park, aka the park at the Cole Street Muni stop

  • Muni trains coming into Cole Valley next to Richard Gamble Memorial Park

  • Burger Meister, at the edge of the Cole Valley Muni stop

  • Val de Cole Wines and Spirits

  • Cole Hardware

  • Grandeho's Kamekyo

  • Muni N-Judah train passing through Cole Valley at Carl

  • Cole Street, south toward Sutro Tower

  • La Boulange de Cole, cafe and bakery

  • Cole Garage

  • Houses in Cole Valley


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