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Portola/San Bruno Avenue

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Now: Portola is one of San Francisco's "hidden" neighborhoods. It's situated between Excelsior/McLaren Park and Bayview. Relatively few San Franciscans know about it, let alone visit it. The adventurous who do are rewarded with a cool variety of eateries, markets and bakeries.

Then: Established in 1869, it was rural and sparsely populated until just after the 1906 earthquake, when a place away from the tall buildings probably didn't look so bad.

How To Get There: A few buses come out this far, including the 9-line, which skirts around Montgomery Station, passes Civic Center Station, and then takes the long route down Potrero Avenue. If you're driving, you can exit 101 at Silliman Street and turn directly onto San Bruno Avenue. Parking is not difficult around the side residential streets.

  • Portola Banner on San Bruno Avenue

  • San Bruno Avenue at Silver Avenue, in the Portola district

  • Pizza Joint, on San Bruno Avenue

  • Imperial Garden Seafood Restaurant on San Bruno Avenue

  • El Toro Night Club on San Bruno Avenue

  • Breakfast At Tiffany's on San Bruno Avenue between Silliman Street and Felton Street

  • Fat Beli Deli on San Bruno Avenue at Burrows Street

  • San Bruno Avenue in Portola

  • J & C Market in Portola

  • San Bruno Avenue in Portola

  • Hawaiian Drive Inn, on San Bruno Avenue

  • The Avenue Theatre, in use as a church

  • Cinco de Mayo Taqueria

  • Saleema International Salon of Beauty in Portola

  • San Bruno Avenue at Bacon Street

  • Lido Pastry on San Bruno Avenue

  • Foothill Market Liquors

  • Portola Auto Service

  • Sululagi M. Palega Jr. Recreation Center, on Felton Street at Somerset Street

  • Palega Playground, in Portola

  • Tennis Courts at Palega Playground

  • Portola Playground building in Palega Park

  • Palega Park lawn, west toward Somerset Street

  • Path along the edge of the reservoir at Felton Street near University Street in Portola

  • West view from edge of reservoir in Portola


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