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Mission Dolores/18th Street

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Now: Rich with both history and contemporary vitality, Mission Dolores and its sloping park are a communal back yard for multiple neighborhoods. The section of 18th Street that crosses through is a little culinary Mecca, with Delfina, Tartine, and BiRite (grocery and creamery) drawing crowds every single day.

Then: The oldest intact structure in San Francisco, the Mission Dolores was built in 1791 from adobe and redwood. It survived the 1906 earthquake and fire, although the accompanying church did not, and was rebuilt in 1913. The name of San Francisco itself is linked to the Mission Dolores - the actual name is Misión San Francisco de Asís, named for missionary Francisco Palou.

How To Get There: 18th Street is an easy and fun walk from 16th Street/Mission, which in turn is an easy trip from any other BART station (Powell, Montgomery, Civic Center). It's also an easy and fun walk from Castro, directly down 18th. The J-Church Muni line crosses 18th Street at the bottom of Dolores Park, and 20th Street at the top. There is really no reason to try to drive directly here, and if you try you may have a hard time parking.

  • Dolores Park, looking up toward Church 20th Streets

  • Bridge from Dolores Park to Church Street

  • Dolores Park on the weekend

  • Dolores Park, from Dolores Street

  • City view from the top of Dolores Park, at Church and 20th Streets

  • Looking east from the top of Dolores Park

  • City view from the middle section of Dolores Park

  • Bench at the top of Dolores Park

  • The upper slope of Dolores Park, near Church and 20th Streets

  • Church Street at 20th Street, near the top of Dolores Park

  • Dolores Park, from Church Street

  • J-Church Train outbound at the top of Dolores Park

  • Walking path at the edge of Dolores Park leading down toward 18th Street

  • Bench at the top of Dolores Park

  • Looking down over Dolores Park in late fall

  • Dolores Park, near the bottom

  • Dolores Park, looking down toward 18th Street

  • 18th Street at Church Street

  • 18th Street, bordering Dolores Park at the tennis courts

  • Looking down across Dolores Park toward Dolores Street

  • Playground in Dolores Park

  • The bottom of Dolores Park where Dolores Street meets 19th Street

  • Dolores Street near 19th Street

  • Dolores Street at 19th Street

  • Dolores Street at 19th Street, facing Dolores Park

  • Sidewalk on Dolores Street near 18th Street

  • J-Church Muni Train at 20th Street

  • J-Church Train crossing 20th Street at Church Street

  • Dolores Street at 18th Street

  • Dolores Park Cafe, on Dolores Street at 18th

  • Bi-Rite Grocery, on 18th Street between Dolores and Guerrero Streets

  • The line to get ice cream at Bi Rite Creamery

  • Bi Rite Creamery

  • Delfina Italian Restaurant on 18th Street between Guerrero and Dolores

  • Pizzeria Delfina on 18th Street, next to Delfina Restaurant

  • Farina Focaccia and Italian Kitchen, on 18th Street near Guerrero

  • The corner of Guerrero Street and 18th Street, at Tartine Bakery

  • Tartine Bakery, on Guerrero at 18th

  • 18th Street at Guerrero Street

  • Women's Building, on 18th Street between Valencia and Guerrero Streets

  • Front entrance of the Women's Building

  • Valencia Street at 18th Street

  • The Apartment vintage furnishings, on 18th Street at Lexington Street

  • Dolores Street at 17th Street

  • Dolores Street at 16th Street, in front of the Mission Dolores Basilica

  • Mission Dolores and Basilica

  • Entrance to the Mission Dolores

  • Basilica at Mission Dolores, rebuilt in 1913

  • Mission Dolores, built in 1791 - the oldest building in San Francisco

  • Original redwood beams across the ceiling inside Mission Dolores

  • Statues inside Mission Dolores

  • Cemetary adjacent to the Mission Dolores

  • Statue of Junipero Serra in the center of the Cemetary

  • Gravestone at Mission Dolores Cemetary


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