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Twin Peaks/Upper Market

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Now: The most popular lookout point in San Francisco, and certainly a spectacular one. Tank Hill, just to north and accessible off of Clarendon Avenue, is a lesser peak but offers more of a "front row seat" facing the northern half of the city. For the ultimate panoramic view of Golden Gate Park, see Grand View Park.

Then: Sutro Tower, now visible from virtually every part of the city, was built in 1972. See postcards of Twin Peaks.

How To Get There: Driving is easiest for Twin Peaks. Enter via Twin Peaks Boulevard, either on the south from Portola Drive (Market Street becomes Portola), or on the north from Clarendon Avenue. At odd hours, you can usually drive right up and park, but if the weather is nice or it's the weekend, it's likely to be crowded.

  • Towers at the top of Twin Peaks

  • City view from Twin Peaks

  • Northeast view, from Twin Peaks

  • Sutro Tower, from Twin Peaks

  • Parking lot at Twin Peaks

  • North view from Twin Peaks, toward bay and Golden Gate

  • West view, toward Pacific Ocean, from Twin Peaks

  • Walkway and railing at Twin Peaks

  • Viewing telescope at Twin Peaks

  • Edge of the wall surrounding the viewing area at Twin Peaks

  • Monument Way Stairway leading to Upper Terrace from the north side of 17th Street, near Clayton Street

  • The Olympus Monument base and stairway at the center of the Upper Terrace loop

  • From the side of the Monument base, looking east

  • Stairway leading down from Upper Terrace and Monument

  • Vertical gardens at the edge of Upper Terrace hill

  • The top of Vulcan Stairway, at Levant Street

  • Looking down Vulcan Stairway, near the top at Levant Street

  • One of two sets of steps near the bottom of Vulcan Stairway

  • Garden near the bottom of Vulcan Stairway

  • The bottom of Vulcan Stairway, at Ord Street

  • Looking up from the bottom of the Saturn Street Stairway, at Ord Street

  • Looking up one side of the Saturn Street Stairway

  • Saturn Street Stairway, looking down

  • View near the top of the Saturn Street Stairway

  • Street sign at the top of the Saturn Street Stairway, at Lower Terrace

  • Entrance to Al's Park, on Corbett Avenue between Mars Street and Clayton Street

  • Inside Al's Park

  • The side of Al's Park, looking toward residential yards

  • Near the back of Al's Park, facing Market Street

  • Community Garden at the corner of Corbett Avenue and Clayton Street

  • Bottom of the Pemberton Place Stairway, at Clayton Street near Corbett Avenue

  • Middle section of Pemberton Place Stairway near Graystone Terrace, looking down

  • At the top of Pemberton Place Stairway, near Crown Terrace

  • Where Twin Peaks Boulevard branches into Clarendon Avenue, near the entrance to Tank Hill

  • Twin Peaks Boulevard at Crown Terrace - an easy place to park to reach Tank Hill

  • Steps at Twin Peaks Boulevard, leading up to Tank Hill

  • Top of Tank Hill, facing south

  • Trees at the top of Tank Hill

  • Surface at the top of Tank Hill (where the water tank was in use from 1894 to 1957)

  • Path along the edge of Tank Hill

  • View to the north from Tank Hill

  • Northeast view from Tank Hill, toward the city skyline and bay

  • City view (and Corona Heights) from Tank Hill

  • Northwest view towards Golden Gate Park and the ocean, from Tank Hill

  • Western view across the edge of Mt. Sutro, from Tank Hill

  • Southeast view toward the bay (and Kite Hill) from Tank Hill

  • View directly east across the city, from Tank Hill

  • Looking south at Sutro Tower, from Tank Hill

  • Rocks (chert outcroppings) at the top of Tank Hill

  • Tank Hill at sunset


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