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Crocker Amazon

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Now: At the absolute south edge of San Francisco, Crocker Amazon meets Mission Street one last time at Geneva Avenue (which becomes Ocean Avenue to the west). Faded pizza, takeout spots and bars are clustered around the intersection, and then everything begins to look very suburban as the homes rise up onto the high ridge where Daly City begins. Crocker Amazon Playground, adjacent to the Excelsior and McLaren Park features several sports fields, and clubhouse, and appropriately, a playground.

Then: Crocker Amazon Park began to be developed in the 1930s when truck farmers were bought out from their leases on the land.

How To Get There: There are Mission and Geneva bus lines that cross through here, but this area is remote enough that driving is just easier. Parking is usually available along Naples Street, off of Geneva.

  • Geneva Pizza, on Geneva Avenue in Crocker Amazon

  • Starvin Marvin on Geneva Avenue

  • The intersection of Mission Street at Geneva Avenue

  • Bakery on Mission Street near Geneva

  • Billiards Hall on Mission Street near Geneva

  • Mission Street at Niagara Avenue

  • Neighborhood market on Mission Street in Crocker Amazon

  • Amazon Motel on Mission Street at Amazon Avenue

  • Roma Pizzeria on Amazon Avenue and Mission

  • Tony's Watch and Jewelry Repair on Geneva Avenue

  • Claddagh Coffee on Geneva Avenue

  • Broken Record on Geneva near Naples Street - great dive bar with amazing food

  • Looking up toward the south ridge of Crocker Amazon

  • Entrance to Crocker Amazon Playground at Geneva Avenue and Moscow Street

  • Crocker Amazon Playground

  • Mural on the clubhouse at Crocker Amazon Park

  • View from the parking lot at Crocker Amazon Park

  • Inside Crocker Amazon Park

  • Benches at one of the ball fields in Crocker Amazon Park

  • South view from a field in Crocker Amazon Park


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