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Dogpatch/3rd Street

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Now: The little historic, perpetually up-and-coming neighborhood that could. The last neighborhood before the San Francisco world ends at the eastern industrial band and bay. The Dogpatch epicenter is 22nd Street at 3rd Street.

Then: San Francisco's origins as a seaport involved industry and shipbuilding, much of which was centered in this area. The homes were designed as dwellings for workers, some of whom built their own homes. Many of these buildings, dating back to the 1860s, survived 1906 earthquake and fire and stand today.

How To Get There: The Muni T-line runs down Third Street, and the 20th Street station is one (double-length) block north of 22nd Street, the main sector. The 22 Muni bus comes in from the Mission, and the 48 (from 24th/Mission) eventually reaches 22nd Street, although by an indirect route.

  • T-Muni Train on Third Street

  • Muni Station on 3rd Street near 20th Street

  • 3rd Street near 22nd Street in Dogpatch

  • Serpentine Restaurant on 3rd Street near 22nd Street

  • 3rd Street looking south toward 22nd Street in Dogpatch

  • Dogpatch Saloon on 22nd Street at 3rd

  • 22nd Street near 3rd Street

  • Just For You Cafe on 22nd Street near 3rd - breakfast menu features homemade beignets

  • Piccino, pizza and coffee bar in Dogpatch

  • Dead End

  • Dogpatch Historic District

  • 22nd and Tennessee Street, Dogpatch

  • 22nd Street in Dogpatch

  • 22nd Street near Minnesota Street

  • Caltrain Station under the 280 Freeway in Dogpatch

  • House on Minnesota Street in Dogpatch

  • Minnesota Street between 22nd Street and 20th Street in Dogpatch

  • Entrance to Esprit Park in Dogpatch at Minnesota Street and 20th Street

  • Benches in Esprit Park in Dogpatch

  • Lawn in Esprit Park

  • Starting point for the 22-Fillmore Muni Bus line, at 20th Street between 3rd Street and Tennessee

  • Terminal point for the 22-Fillmore bus line on 20th Street near 3rd Street


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