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Russian Hill/Hyde Street

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Now: On foot is the only way to really see Russian Hill - the stairways and alleys and up-close views of the many incredible residences tell the story of how grand and charming this neighborhood really is. Yes, it has Lombard Street and the Hyde Street cable car, but it's also got Macondray Lane and the views from Ina Coolbrith Park.

Then: A small cemetary was discovered at the top of the hill by settlers during the mid-1800s, which contained grave markers of members of the "Russian-American Company". This story is related on a plaque at Vallejo Street where it hits a small park between Jones and Taylor.

How To Get There: The Hyde Street Cable Car goes directly through here, but most riders are on their way to or from Fisherman's Wharf, and not about to get off mid-ride. At least not until Lombard Street. It's possible to walk from North Beach (or take the 41 or 45 Union Street), but you'll be going up and over a hill. For driving, the best bet is to try to park somewhere around Clay or Sacramento Street, east of Polk Street, and then walk up Hyde Street.

  • Russian Hill Place

  • Intersection of Jones and Vallejo Streets, near walkway up to park near Russian Hill Place

  • Residences on Vallejo Street in Russian Hill

  • Park on Vallejo Street between Jones and Taylor Streets

  • Russian Hill plaque, at park on Vallejo Street

  • Bay View from park on Vallejo Street in Russian Hill

  • East view of bay from park at Vallejo Street

  • View from park at Vallejo Street

  • Stairway in the steep sidewalk on Broadway at Taylor Street

  • Stairs leading up to Vallejo Street from Taylor Street

  • Intersection of Taylor and Vallejo Streets, at entrance to Ina Coolbrith Park

  • Plaque at entrance to Ina Coolbrith Park

  • Stairway in Ina Coolbrith Park

  • View of Alcatraz from the northwest corner of Ina Coolbrith Park

  • City view from Ina Coolbrith Park

  • Walking path in Ina Coolbrith Park

  • East view from stairway in Ina Coolbrith Park

  • Hyde Street near Jackson Street in Russian Hill

  • Hyde Street Bistro, on Hyde Street at Jackson Street in Russian Hill

  • Frascati Restaurant on Hyde Street at Green Street

  • Amarena Italian Restaurant, on Larkin Street at Green Street

  • Hyde Street at Pacific Avenue in Russian Hill

  • 1550 Hyde Cafe and Wine Bar

  • Nook Cafe on Hyde Street at Jackson Street

  • Zarzuela Spanish and Tapas Bar, on Hyde Street at Union Street

  • Searchlight Market on Hyde Street

  • Sushi Okoze on Hyde Street

  • Swensen's Ice Cream on Hyde Street at Union Street

  • Garden house on Hyde Street in Russian Hill

  • Entrance to Sterling Park at Lombard Street and Larkin Street in Russian Hill

  • Inside Sterling Park, looking west

  • Tennis Courts in Sterling Park

  • Stairway inside Sterling Park

  • Looking west over Larkin Street from Sterling Park

  • Walking path in Sterling Park

  • Visitors to the crooked section of Lombard Street, looking down from the top

  • At the top of the crooked section of Lombard Street, between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets

  • At the bottom of Lombard Street, at Leavenworth Street

  • People take pictures of each other at Lombard Street

  • View from the top of Lombard Street at Hyde Street

  • East view from Hyde Street at Greenwich Street

  • Looking down toward the bay from Hyde Street, near Francisco Street

  • View north toward the bay, from Jones Street

  • Macondray Lane, between Jones and Taylor Streets, near Union Street

  • Stairway leading down from Macondray Lane to Taylor Street

  • Foot of Green Street Stairway at Taylor Street

  • Francisco Street at Leavenworth Street

  • Mini park on Hyde Street

  • Hyde Street at Green Street

  • Cable Car on Hyde Street near Francisco Street

  • Reservoir at Russian Hill Park at Hyde and Francisco Streets

  • Fence enclosing the reservoir at Russian Hill Park

  • Steps leading down from Larkin Street at Russian Hill Park

  • View across Bay Street from Russian Hill Park

  • The bottom of Russian Hill Park, bordering Bay Street

  • Fay Park on Leavenworth Street at Chestnut Street

  • Gazebo in Fay Park


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