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Pacific Heights

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Now: Many San Francisco neighborhoods contain gorgeous homes. The homes in Pacific Heights throw in another dimension: amazing size. Driving or walking through this area, you'll see fewer of the charming little Victorians prevalent in many other neighborhoods, and more houses that are stunningly large by comparison, and completely diverse in style.

Then: Pacific Heights began to be developed as a neighborhood in the mid- to late 1800s, with many homes being completely rebuilt over time in the preferred style of the owner.

How To Get There: Alta Plaza Park and the spectacular homes on Pacific Avenue and Broadway are just west of Fillmore Street, at the north end of its dense commercial section before it dips down toward the Marina. The 3-line Muni bus from Sutter Street passes along the north side of Alta Plaza, at Jackson Street. Parking is easy along the residential streets.

  • Lafayette Park at Gough and Sacramento in Pacific Heights

  • North view toward the bay, from Lafayette Park

  • Inside Lafayette Park

  • Walkways in Lafayette Park

  • Lafayette Park

  • View south from Lafayette Park, at Gough Street and Clay Street

  • Historic residence on Sacramento Street in Pacific Heights

  • House on Sacramento Street

  • House on Sacramento Street

  • Alta Plaza Park at Steiner and Clay Street, just west of Fillmore Street

  • Alta Plaza Park

  • Bulletin Board in Alta Plaza Park

  • Southeast view from Alta Plaza Park

  • Looking southwest from Alta Plaza Park

  • North view from Alta Plaza Park

  • Bus Stop at Jackson Street and Divisadero Street

  • House at Pacific Avenue

  • Residence on Pacific Avenue

  • Waterfall in front of house on Pacific Avenue

  • Baker Street between Pacific Avenue and Broadway

  • Stairs at Baker Street and Broadway

  • Broadway between Baker and Lyon Streets

  • Front of residence on Broadway Street

  • House on Broadway Street

  • House on Broadway Street

  • House on Broadway Street in Pacific Heights

  • Detail of column on residential building in Pacific Heights

  • Flowers near the Lyon Street Steps, looking towards the bay

  • Intersection of Broadway at Lyon Street

  • Looking down at the Lyon Street steps, where Broadway meets the Presidio

  • Lyon Street Steps, from the middle section

  • Residence at the middle of the Lyon Street Steps

  • Looking up at the Lyon Street Steps

  • The bottom of the Lyon Street Steps

  • Broadway Street in Pacific Heights

  • Looking down Broadway Street toward downtown

  • View of the bay from Pacific Heights

  • House on California Street, near Gough

  • Houses on California Street in Pacific Heights

  • Whole Foods Market on California Street at Franklin Street


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