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Outer Sunset/Judah Street

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Now: The Outer Sunset feels like a small, isolated beach town. Cheap motels and surfer apartments are frequent as you reach the end of the line. Apart from having to cross the busy highway to reach the ocean, everything feels lazy and slow. You could probably take a low-key vacation here and forget that you're still in the city.

Then: The Beach Chalet was opened in 1925 and run by the city as part of the array of amenities gracing Ocean Beach during that time. The ground floor contains murals that date back to the 1930s.

How To Get There: This is the final destination of the N-Judah, where it turns around at Ocean Beach and heads back in. It takes a while to get out here on the Muni train, but if you have the time, it's a nice ride. Parking isn't a problem toward the end of Judah.

  • Judahlicious Cafe, on Judah Street at 44th Avenue

  • Beach Burrito, on Judah Street

  • Other Avenues Natural Food Store, on Judah Street betwen 44th and 45th Avenues

  • Mango Medley, on Judah at 44th Avenue

  • Outerlands, on Judah at 45th Avenue

  • 45th Avenue between Lincoln and Irving Streets, just south of Golden Gate Park

  • Judah Street at 45th Avenue

  • Boarding the N-Judah train at 43rd Avenue

  • Inside the N-Judah Muni train

  • N-Judah Muni trains turning around at the end of Judah Street

  • Celia's Mexican Restaurant, on Judah Street at 45th Avenue

  • The Beach Motel, on Judah Street

  • Java Beach Cafe, at the end of Judah Street at La Playa Street

  • Wall at the end of Judah Street, betweeen La Playa Street and the beach

  • Iceplants and flowers at the edge of Great Highway leading to the beach

  • Looking west toward Great Highway

  • Ocean Beach, facing north, near the end of Judah Street

  • Ocean Beach, near Judah Street

  • Ocean Beach, facing south

  • The end of Judah Street, from the beach

  • Beach Chalet, at the west edge of Golden Gate Park, facing Great Highway and the beach


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