Guide: San Francisco Day Tour 7

Day Tour 7 includes Lower Haight, Hayes Valley, Alamo Square, Fillmore Street, Fort Mason, and Russian Hill.

  • Inside the Powell Street Muni station

  • 1 Muni Station and outbound N-Judah Train

    From an underground Muni Station, take the outbound N-Judah Train. After emerging from the tunnel, the train will stop at Duboce Avenue. Exit here and walk a block further to the corner of Duboce Park.

  • Walking path at the east side of Duboce Park

  • 2 Entrance to Duboce Park at Steiner Street and Duboce Avenue

    Turning the corner on to Steiner Street, you'll reach the entrance path into Duboce Park. Follow this path through the park to the opposite end.

  • Entry to Carmelita Street, from the northwest corner of Duboce Park

  • 3 Enter Carmelita Street from Duboce Park

    At the far end of Duboce Park, near the playground, you'll see the entrance to Carmelita Street to the right. Follow Carmelita Street to Waller Street.

  • Houses on Waller Street between Carmelita and Scott Streets

  • 4 Left on Waller Street from Carmelita Street

    From Carmelita Street, turn left on to Waller Street.

  • The intersection of Waller and Scott Streets

  • 5 Right on Scott Street from Waller Street

    At Scott Street, turn right from Waller.

  • Haight Street near Scott Street

  • 6 Right on Haight Street from Scott Street

    Follow Scott Street one block to Haight Street. Turn right on Haight Street.

  • Haight Street near Steiner Street

  • 7 Haight Street at Steiner Street

    Continue on Haight Street and cross Steiner Street. This is the Lower Haight neighborhood.

  • Haight Street at Fillmore Street

  • 8 Haight Street at Fillmore Street

    Continue on Haight Street to Fillmore Street.

  • Kate's Kitchen - breakfast and brunch on Haight Street near Fillmore

  • 9 Dining Option: Kate's Kitchen

    On Haight Street just past Fillmore, Kate's Kitchen is a neighborhood institution, fixing hangovers with homespun breakfast fare.

    Kate's Kitchen is at 471 Haight Streeet between Fillmore and Webster Streets. Phone: 415-626-3984.

  • Cafe du Soleil, on Fillmore Street at Waller

  • 10 Dining Option: Cafe Du Soleil

    One block to the right from Haight Street, Cafe Du Soleil serves French baked goods and offers a relaxed hangout atmosphere.

    Cafe Du Soleil is at 200 Fillmore Street between Haight and Waller Streets. Phone: 415-934-8637.

  • Roland's Bakery, on Haight Street near Webster Street

  • 11 Dining Option: Roland's Bakery

    Fairly new to the neighborhood, this bakery offers fresh bagels, muffins, croissants, sticky buns. Great for an uncomplicated morning fix.

    Roland's Bakery is at 422 Haight Street between Fillmore and Webster Streets. Phone: 415-896-4925. Website:

  • The intersection of Haight and Buchanan Streets

  • 12 Haight Street at Buchanan Street

    Continue on Haight Street to Buchanan Street and turn left.

  • Daniel E Koshland Community Park, on Buchanan Street at Page Street

  • 13 Koshland Park

    Between Haight Street and Page Street, you'll pass Koshland Park, with a garden cultivated by neighborhood residents.

  • Tiles on the exterior wall at Koshland Park

  • 14 Western Addition Peace Wall

    The walls of Koshland Park feature a collection of ceramic tiles forming the Western Addition Peace Wall, dedicated in 2007.

  • Fell Street at Buchanan Street

  • 15 Buchanan Street to Fell Street

    Continue on Buchanan past Page Street, and cross Oak Street toward Fell Street.

  • Houses on Fell Street

  • 16 Right on Fell Street from Buchanan

    Continue on Buchanan Street to Fell Street and turn right.

  • Laguna Street at Fell Street

  • 17 Left on Laguna Street from Fell Street

    Walk down Fell Street one block and then go left on to Laguna Street.

  • Cafe & Art Bar on Laguna Street at Linden Street

  • 18 Right on Linden Street from Laguna Street

    Half a block up on Laguna Street, turn right into the Linden Street alley.

  • Linden Street betwen Laguna and Octavia Streets

  • 19 Linden Street to Octavia Street

    Follow Linden Street to Octavia Street and the edge of Patricia's Green.

  • Benches in Patricia's Green on Octavia Street

  • 20 Patricia's Green on Octavia Street

    Enter Patricia's Green and go left toward the park's front entrance on Hayes Street.

  • Hayes Street at Octavia Street

  • 21 Left on Hayes Street from Octavia Street

    From Patricia's Green and Octavia Street, go left on to Hayes Street.

  • Patxi's Chicago Style Pizza on Hayes at Octavia

  • 22 Dining Option: Patxi's Pizza

    Just past the corner of Octavia, Patxi's Pizza serves Chicago style deep dish. Pizzas usually take 30 to 40 minutes to bake. Quick slices are usually available at lunchtime.

    Patxi's Pizza is at 511 Hayes Street at Octavia Street. Phone: 415-558-9991. Website:

  • Shops on Hayes Street

  • 23 Shops on Hayes Street

    Shops on Hayes Street reflect the trendy post-1980s atmosphere the Hayes Valley area has developed since its renewal.

  • Frjtz - fries and crepes on Hayes Street

  • 24 Dining Option: Frjtz

    This cafe features crepes, salads, and Belgian Fries with dipping sauces.

    Frjtz is at 581 Hayes Street between Laguna and Octavia Streets. Phone: 415-864-7654. Website:

  • Bar Jules, on Hayes at Laguna

  • 25 Dining Option: Bar Jules

    This cafe is open for lunch Wednesday through Sunday, and features a daily changing menu of dishes prepared from local and sustainable sources.

    Bar Jules is at 609 Hayes Street at Laguna Street. Phone: 415-621-5482. Website:

  • Houses on Hayes Street near Webster Street

  • 26 Hayes Street at Webster Street

    Continue following Hayes Street past Laguna, and cross Buchanan. Continue up the hill past Webster Street toward Fillmore Street.

  • Fillmore Street at the intersection of Hayes Street

  • 27 Right on Fillmore Street from Hayes Street

    Turn right on to Fillmore Street from Hayes Street.

  • Alamo Square Cafe, on Fillmore Street at Hayes Street

  • 28 Alamo Square Cafe

    As you turn on to Fillmore Street, you'll pass Alamo Square Cafe on your left. Sandwiches, coffee, and juices are served here.

    Alamo Square Cafe is at 711 Fillmore Street at Hayes Street. Phone: 415-447-8636.

  • Grove Street between Fillmore and Steiner Streets, looking toward Alamo Square Park

  • 29 Left on Grove Street from Fillmore Street

    Continue up Fillmore Street one block and turn left on Grove Street. Follow Grove Street to Steiner Street and the entrance to Alamo Square Park.

  • Painted Ladies, from the sidewalk on Steiner Street

  • 30 The Painted Ladies

    At the corner of Grove and Steiner Streets, the Painted Ladies of film and postcard fame are on your left. These houses are just the tip of the iceberg for this area.

  • Entrance to Alamo Square Park on Steiner Street at Grove Street

  • 31 Enter Alamo Square Park

    Climb up the stairs at the entrance to Alamo Square Park, straight ahead.

  • Sightseeing bus approaching the Painted Ladies on Steiner Street

  • 32 Painted Ladies from Alamo Square Park

    From the elevated vantage point in Alamo Square Park, you're likely to see people taking photos of the painted ladies, and tour buses passing.

  • The northeast corner of Alamo Square Park

  • 33 Alamo Square Park

    Walk all the way through Alamo Square Park to the opposite end and turn right on Scott Street.

  • Scott Street at Fulton Street

  • 34 Fulton and Scott Street from Alamo Square Park

    Follow Scott Street and cross Fulton Street at the park's northwest corner.

  • McAllister Street at Scott Street

  • 35 Right on McAllister Street from Scott Street

    After one block, turn right from Scott Street on to McAllister Street.

  • Houses on McAllister Street between Scott and Pierce Streets

  • 36 Houses on McAllister Street

    On your right and left side you'll begin to see some of the oldest and most ornately designed houses in the city.

  • Houses on McAllister Street between Pierce and Steiner Streets

  • 37 Gothic Houses on McAllister Street

    On McAllister Street to your left, between Pierce and Steiner Street, you'll see some unique gothic castle-style houses built in this area during the late 1800s.

  • Windows of house on McAllister Street

  • 38 Detailed designs on McAllister Street houses

    Many of these houses have been beautifully restored and painted to reflect their original glory.

  • Steiner Street at McAllister Street

  • 39 Left on Steiner Street from McAllister Street

    From McAllister Street, go left on to Steiner Street.

  • Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast on Steiner Street at Golden Gate Avenue

  • 40 Chateau Tivoli Bed and Breakfast

    At Steiner Street and Golden Gate Avenue, you'll pass this rare chateau-style building, now a classic bed and breakfast with themed rooms.

    Chateau Tivoli is at 1057 Steiner Street at Golden Gate Avenue. Phone: 415-776-5462. Website:

  • Steiner Street at Golden Gate Avenue

  • 41 Right on Golden Gate Avenue from Steiner Street

    From Steiner Street, turn right on to Golden Gate Avenue.

  • Mini Park at Steiner Street and Golden Gate Avenue

  • 42 Pass Mini Park at Steiner and Golden Gate

    At Golden Gate Avenue, crossing Steiner Street, you'll pass this mini neighborhood park.

  • Fillmore Street at Golden Gate Avenue

  • 43 Left on Fillmore Street

    From Golden Gate Avenue, go left on to Fillmore Street.

  • Fillmore Street at Turk Street

  • 44 Fillmore Street at Turk Street

    Proceed up Fillmore Street, crossing Turk, Eddy, Ellis, and O'Farrell. The lower Fillmore area is the center of the city's rich jazz history, but has suffered through bad redevelopment in the post-1950s decades.

  • The Fillmore Center, on Fillmore at Ellis Street

  • 45 The Fillmore Center

    You'll pass the Fillmore Center on your left as you approach Geary Boulevard.

  • The Fillmore Auditorium at Fillmore and Geary

  • 46 The Fillmore Auditorium

    At Fillmore Street and Geary, you'll pass the Fillmore Auditorium on your left. This historic venue was transformed from a ballroom to a premier spot for rock shows in the 1960s.

    The Fillmore is at 1805 Geary Boulevard at Fillmore Street. Phone: 415-346-3000. Website:

  • Fillmore Street at Geary Boulevard

  • 47 Fillmore Street at Geary Boulevard

    Continue on Fillmore Street past Geary Boulevard.

  • Dosa on Fillmore Street at Post

  • 48 Dining Option: Dosa

    At the corner of Post Street and Fillmore, Dosa serves crepe-style Indian wraps and inventive spicy dishes.

    Dosa is at 1700 Fillmore Street at the corner of Post Street. Phone: 415-441-3672. Website:

  • Post Street in Japantown

  • 49 Japantown

    Also to the right down Post Street you'll pass by Japantown, featuring shops, restaurants, an indoor mall, and the Kabuki Theater.

  • Fillmore Street at Wilmot Street

  • 50 Continue on Fillmore Street

    Continue on Fillmore Street, crossing Sutter Street toward Bush Street.

  • Fillmore Street at Bush Street

  • 51 Fillmore Street at Bush Street

    Continue on Fillmore Street and cross Bush Street.

  • Fillmore Street at Pine Street

  • 52 Fillmore Street at Pine Street

    Continue on Fillmore Street and cross Pine Street.

  • The Grove on Fillmore Street between Pine and California Streets

  • 53 Dining Option: The Grove

    Just past Pine Street on your right side, you'll see this rustic style cafe, serving soups, sandwiches, fresh-baked desserts, and hot and cold drinks.

    The Grove is at 2016 Fillmore Street between Pine Street and California Street. Phone: 415-474-1419.

  • Elite Cafe on Fillmore Street near California Street - New Orleans style restaurant and bar

  • 54 Dining Option: Elite Cafe

    Just before California Street, on the left side of Fillmore, Elite Cafe features a full bar and southern style brunch items including home-made biscuits.

    Elite Cafe is at 2049 Fillmore Street between California Street and Pine Street. Phone: 415-346-8400. Website:

  • Fillmore Street near California Street

  • 55 Fillmore Street at California Street

    Continue on Fillmore Street past California Street.

  • Fillmore Street at Sacramento Street

  • 56 Fillmore Street at Sacramento Street

    Continue up Fillmore Street and cross Sacramento Street.

  • La Mediterannee on Fillmore between Sacramento and Clay Streets

  • 57 Dining Option: La Mediterannee

    Between Sacramento and Clay Streets, this small restaurant will be on your right. Greek and Mediterranean dishes are lovingly served up here.

    La Mediterranee is at 2210 Fillmore Street between Sacramento and Clay Streets. Phone: 415-921-2956. Website:

  • Fillmore Street drops steeply toward the bay at Broadway Street

  • 58 Fillmore Street at Broadway and 22 Bus

    Continue towards Broadway, watching for the 22-Fillmore bus going the same direction you're walking (north). It stops at every other block on Fillmore: Pine, Sacramento, Jackson, and Broadway.

  • The terminal point for the Fillmore-22 bus, at Bay Street

  • 59 Exit 22-Fillmore bus on Fillmore Street at Bay Street

    Stay on this bus down the hill to the Marina and exit at its last stop, at Bay Street.

  • Bay Street, at the north edge of the Moscone Recreation Center

  • 60 Right on Bay Street from Fillmore Street

    From Fillmore Street, go right on to Bay Street, crossing Webster Street.

  • Field in the Moscone Recreation Center

  • 61 Pass Moscone Recreation Center

    As you follow Bay Street, you'll pass the Moscone Recreation Center fields on your right.

  • Laguna Street at Bay Street

  • 62 Cross Bay Street at Laguna Street

    At Laguna Street, cross to the other side of Bay Street (opposite Moscone Recreation Center), and then cross Laguna Street to the corner of Fort Mason.

  • Walking path on the west side of Fort Mason

  • 63 Fort Mason Entrance at Laguna and Bay Streets

    Enter Fort Mason and follow the path leading up over the lawns toward the opposite corner of the park.

  • Lawn at Fort Mason

  • 64 Fort Mason

    From the northern side of Fort Mason, you can look back across the lawns toward the city.

  • Path at top edge of Fort Mason

  • 65 Walking Path over the top of Fort Mason

    Continue following the path over the tree-lined northern edge of Fort Mason.

  • View of Fort Mason Center

  • 66 Views from Fort Mason

    From the Fort Mason path, you can look down over the Marina, Fort Mason Center, and the bay.

  • Aquatic Park, between Fort Mason and Fisherman's Wharf

  • 67 Aquatic Park from Fort Mason

    Continue on the path down to the northeast corner of Fort Mason, where it intersects with the end of Van Ness Avenue.

  • Promenade at the beach at Aquatic Park

  • 68 Follow Beach Promenade

    At the bottom of the path, follow the sidewalk along the beach and promenade. Continue the beach toward Maritime Park, which will be on your right.

  • The northeast corner of Maritime Park at Hyde and Jefferson Streets

  • 69 Maritime Park at Jefferson and Hyde Streets

    From Maritime Park you see Ghiradelli Square to the south. The Cable Car turnaround at this park will be the departure point when you're ready to continue on.

  • Ghiradelli Square from Aquatic Park

  • 70 Ghiradelli Square across the street

    If you want to visit Ghiradelli Square, cross the park to the south and then cross Beach Street to enter the square.

  • Ghiradelli Chocolate Shop, at Ghiradelli Square

  • 71 Ghiradelli Square

    Ghiradelli Square contains the chocolate store, which also serves ice cream, floats and sundaes.

  • Kara's Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square

  • 72 Kara's Cupcakes in Ghiradelli Square

    Kara's Cupckaes also has a store in Ghiradelli Square. These are fresh baked cupcakes made from local and organic ingredients.

    Kara's Cupcakes is in Ghiradelli Square at 900 North Point Street. Phone: 415-351-2253. Website:

  • The Hyde Street Pier, on the north end of Hyde Street at Jefferson Street

  • 73 Hyde Street Pier Entrance

    The entrance to this pier is at the end of Hyde Street at the northeast corner of Maritime Park. You can enter the pier for free and view the boats from the dock or pay the $5 admission fee to board and tour the ships.

  • The Balclutha, at the Hyde Street Pier

  • 74 Ships docked at Hyde Street Pier

    The Balclutha, one of several vessels permanently docked here, was launched in 1886 from Scotland and carried cargo (including European liqours) in voyages around Cape Horn, Africa.

  • Looking south at the walkway on the Hyde Street Pier

  • 75 Views from Hyde Street Pier

    From vantage points along the pier, you can look out across the bay and back toward the city skyline.

  • Cable Car Turnaround at the end of the Powell-Hyde line, at Aquatic Park

  • 76 Hyde Street Cable Car Turnaround

    The Powell-Hyde Cable Cars depart from Maritime Park and travel through Russian Hill to return to Union Square.

  • Hyde Street Cable Car Turnaround at Maritime Park

  • 77 Board Cable Car to Russian Hill

    If you have purchased a Muni Visitor Passport, it will cover the fare.

  • Looking down toward the bay from the standing side of the Cable Car

  • 78 Views from Cable Car

    As the Cable Car climbs up Hyde Street into Russian Hill, you'll get views of the bay from the back of the car.

  • Cable Car on Hyde Street near Francisco Street

  • 79 Climb Hyde Street in Cable Car

    After climbing to the top of the hill, the Cable Car will cross Francisco and Chestnut Streets before reaching Lombard Street.

  • Visitors to the crooked section of Lombard Street, looking down from the top

  • 80 Top of Lombard Street

    As you cross Lombard Street, you're likely to see visitors looking down from the top over the crooked section.

  • At the top of the crooked section of Lombard Street, between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets

  • 81 Views at Lombard Street

    If you exit the Cable Car at Lombard Street, you'll need to walk about 3 blocks further on Hyde Street to reach the next dining options.

  • Zarzuela Spanish and Tapas Bar, on Hyde Street at Union Street

  • 82 Dining Option: Zarzuela

    From Lombard Street, continue on Hyde Street (either Cable Car or on foot) to pass Greenwich and Filbert Streets. At the corner of Union Street, you'll see Zarzuela on the left. Spanish small plates and sangria are the specialties here.

    Zarzuela is at 2000 Hyde Street at Union Street. Phone: 415-346-0800.

  • Hyde Street at Green Street

  • 83 Hyde Street at Green Street

    Continue down Hyde Street toward Green Street.

  • Frascati Italian Restaurant on Hyde Street at Green Street

  • 84 Dining Option: Frascati

    At the intersection of Green Street (on your right), Frascati serves acclaimed New American cuisine in an intimate setting. Desserts are done particularly well.

    Frascati is at 1901 Hyde Street at Green Street. Phone: 415-928-1406. Website:

  • Amarena Italian Restaurant, on Larkin Street at Green Street

  • 85 Dining Option: Amarena

    Amarena is off the tour track a little bit - from Hyde Street you would go right on Green Street to Larkin Street. They serve Italian in their quaint neighborhood dining room.

    Amarena is at 2162 Larkin Street at Green Street. Phone: 415-447-0441. Website:

  • Cable Cars on Powell Street

  • 86 Cable Car to Powell Street

    On Hyde Street you can re-board the Cable Car going directly to Union Square. If those are too crowded, you can catch the 19-Polk bus two blocks west of Hyde Street to California Street (or walk the 8 blocks down Hyde) and catch the inbound California Street Cable Car to Powell.