Guide: San Francisco Day Tour 5

Day Tour 5 includes Tenderloin, Pacific Heights, Chestnut Street, Marina and Crissy Field, Golden Gate Bridge, Union Street, and Polk Street.

  • Geary Street and Powell Street, at the southwest corner of Union Square

  • 1 Geary Street at Powell Street

    From the intersection of Geary and Powell, at the corner of Union Square, go west on Geary Street (if you're facing Macy's, you would turn right).

  • Geary Street, between Jones and Taylor Streets

  • 2 Geary Street to Jones Street

    Continue on Geary past the theatres on your left, crossing Mason and Taylor Streets, to Jones Street.

  • Dottie's True Blue Cafe, and the morning line to get in

  • 3 Dining Option: Dottie's True Blue Cafe

    Fantastic all-homemade breakfast fare with daily special dishes. The line forms early at the door, and can be very long. Go here only if you are willing to sacrifice some time to wait (30 minutes +), and/or can get there very early. First come first served, no reservations. Parties are seated beginning at 7:30am. Closed on Tuesdays.

    Dottie's is at 522 Jones Street, between Geary and O'Farrell. (From Geary, go left on Jones, and Dotties will be on your left.) Phone: 415-885-2767.

  • Moulin Breakfast Cafe, on Geary Street at Larkin Street

  • 4 Dining Option: Moulin Breakfast Cafe

    Another restaurant is located 3 blocks further down Geary Street. Here also you can sit down for a full breakfast, and the wait will be much shorter. From here you would make a right at Larkin and go up to Sutter Street to catch the 3-Jackson bus.

    Moulin Breakfast Cafe is at 887 Geary Street at Larkin Street. Open every day from 7:30am. Phone: 415-928-0158.

  • Cafe Bean, on Sutter Street at Jones Street

  • 5 Dining Option: Cafe Bean

    Serves a variety of breakfast items, including Dutch Pancakes. This would be the easiest breakfast option, as it is right at the corner where the 3-Jackson bus will stop. From Geary, make a right on Jones and climb up to Sutter Street.

    Cafe Bean is at 800 Sutter Street at the corner of Jones Street. Phone: 415-928-0888. Website:

  • 3-Jackson bus on Sutter Street at Jones Street

  • 6 Jackson-3 bus from Sutter Street

    From the corner of Sutter Street and Jones (or Larkin), you can catch the 3-Jackson bus. It arrives approximately every 20 minutes.

  • The north side of Alta Plaza Park, on Jackson Street at Pierce Street

  • 7 Pass Alta Plaza Park

    The 3-Jackson bus will take you down Sutter for 12 blocks, turn right and go up Fillmore Street 7 blocks, then turn left on to Jackson Street. After this turn, you'll pass Alta Plaza Park on your left. Be prepared to exit at Divisadero after passing the park.

  • Jackson Street at Divisadero Street, where the 3-Jackson bus stops

  • 8 Exit Jackson-3 bus at Jackson Street and Divisadero Street

    Exit the 3-Jackson bus on Jackson Street at Divisadero Street, one block past Alta Plaza Park.

  • Pacific Avenue at Divisadero Street

  • 9 Right on Divisadero and left on Pacific Avenue

    From the bus stop, turn right on to Divisadero, climbing up the hill one block to Pacific Avenue. Turn left at Pacific Avenue, and follow it two blocks to Baker Street.

  • Baker Street between Pacific Avenue and Broadway

  • 10 Right on Baker Street to Broadway

    From Pacific Avenue, turn right on Baker Street and go one block to Broadway. Turn left on to Broadway.

  • Broadway between Baker and Lyon Streets

  • 11 Broadway to Lyon Street

    Follow Broadway one block to Lyon Street and the top of the Lyon Street Steps.

  • Looking down at the Lyon Street steps, where Broadway meets the Presidio

  • 12 Lyon Street Steps

    At Lyon Street, the top of the Lyon Street steps will be on your right. Take this scenic stairway down.

  • Looking toward the upper section of Lyon Street Steps

  • 13 Lyon Street Steps at Vallejo Street

    The mid-section of the Lyon Street Steps is level with Vallejo Street. Continue down the steps to the bottom.

  • The bottom of the Lyon Street Steps at Green Street

  • 14 Bottom of Lyon Street Steps at Green Street

    At the bottom of the Lyon Street Steps, you'll be Lyon Street and Green Street. Continue walking down Lyon Street toward the bay.

  • Lyon Street between Greenwich and Lombard Streets

  • 15 Lyon Street to Lombard Street

    Continue on Lyon Street, crossing Union, Filbert, and Greenwich Streets.

  • Lyon Street at Lombard Street

  • 16 Lyon Street at Lombard Street

    When you reach Lombard Street, turn right on to Lombard.

  • Lombard Street at Lyon Street

  • 17 Cross Lyon Street

    You'll pass Liverpool Lil's on your right as you cross Lyon Street on to Lombard.

  • Liverpool Lil's, at Lyon Street and Lombard

  • 18 Liverpool Lil's

    This is a local pub dating back to 1973.

    Liverpool Lil's is at 2942 Lyon Street at Lombard Street. Phone: 415-921-6664. Website:

  • Baker Street Bistro, on Baker at Lombard

  • 19 Dining Option: Baker Street Bistro

    One block from Lyon Street, you'll cross Baker Street. This French Bistro will be to your right, on Baker Street.

    Baker Street Bistro is at 2953 Baker Street at Lombard Street. Phone: 415-931-1475.

  • Lombard Street at Broderick Street

  • 20 Cross Broderick Street at Lombard Street

    Many additional dining options are coming up around the corner on Chestnut Street. From Lombard, go left on to Broderick Street (1 block past Baker).

  • Chestnut Street sign at Broderick Street

  • 21 Chestnut Street at Broderick Street

    Follow Broderick for 1 block, then go left on to Chestnut Street.

  • Chestnut Street between Broderick and Divisadero

  • 22 Chestnut Street to Divisadero Street

    Follow Chestnut Street to Divisadero, where shops and restaurants will begin to appear.

  • A16 Restaurant and Wine Bar, on Chestnut Street between Divisadero and Scott

  • 23 Dining Option: A16

    The controversial juggernaut of Campania cuisine is open Wednesday through Friday for lunch, and every evening for dinner starting at 5pm. Reservations recommended.

    A16 is at 2355 Chestnut Street between Divisadero and Scott Streets. Phone: 415-771-2216. Website:

  • Chestnut Street at Divisadero Street

  • 24 Chestnut Street to Scott Street

    Continue on Chestnut Street to Scott Street.

  • Kara's Cupcakes, on Scott Street between Chestnut and Lombard

  • 25 Kara's Cupcakes

    Cupcakes baked from local, organic ingredients and packed in a cute box.

    Kara's Cupcakes is at 3249 Scott Street between Chestnut and Lombard Streets. Phone: 415-563-2253. Website:

  • The Grove, on Chestnut Street at Avila Street between Scott and Pierce

  • 26 Dining Option: The Grove Cafe

    Just past Scott Street, you'll see The Grove Cafe on your left side. This is a hangout spot for locals, serving sandwiches, small dishes, coffee and tea.

    The Grove Cafe is at 2250 Chestnut Street at Avila Street. Phone: 415-474-4843.

  • Chestnut Street near Pierce Street

  • 27 Chestnut Street to Pierce Street

    Continue on Chestnut Street and cross Pierce Street.

  • Plant Cafe Organic, on Steiner at Chestnut

  • 28 Dining Option: Plant Cafe Organic

    One block past Pierce Street, The Plant Cafe Organic is on Steiner Street, to your right. You can order healthy dishes including vegetarian and non-vegetarian items from the counter. Often crowded.

    The Plant Cafe Organic is at 3352 Steiner Street between Chestnut and Lombard Streets. Phone: 415-931-2777. Website:

  • Fillmore Street between Chestnut and Lombard Streets

  • 29 Fillmore Street to Lombard Street

    At this point in the tour, you can continue up Fillmore Street toward Union Street (skip to step 54), or you can visit the Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Bridge. If you do, you should make sure you've had lunch and that there are at least a couple of hours of daylight left.

  • 30-Stockton Muni Bus on Chestnut Street

  • 30 Stockton-30 bus from Chestnut Street

    If you're going to the Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Bridge, you can catch the 30-Stockton bus on Chestnut Street. Make sure you take the outbound bus, going back (west) toward where you started on Chestnut Street.

  • 30-Stockton buses at the terminal point of Broderick and Beach Streets

  • 31 Stockton-30 bus at Broderick and Beach Streets

    The bus will turn right on to Broderick Street from Chestnut Street. You can exit at North Point Street, or one block further at the terminal point of Broderick and Beach Street.

  • Broderick Street at North Point Street

  • 32 Broderick Street at North Point Street

    From Broderick Street, go west on North Point Street (left from the direction the bus was heading), and you'll reach the Palace of Fine Arts after one block.

  • Palace of Fine Arts, at Lyon Street and Bay Street

  • 33 Palace of Fine Arts

    Built in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Exposition, this structure has withstood the years to become a favorite of wedding photographers.

  • Walking Path around the lake at the Palace of Fine Arts

  • 34 Path and Lake at Palace of Fine Arts

    Follow the path around the lake toward the main structure and columns.

  • Grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts

  • 35 Inside Palace of Fine Arts

    Around the other side of the lake, you can walk through the palace structures.

  • Sign at entrance to the Exploratorium

  • 36 Exploratorium

    On the north side of Palace grounds, you'll pass the main entrance to the Exploratorium. This giant building is filled with hands-on science exhibits.

  • Houses at the north side of the Palace of Fine Arts

  • 37 North side of Palace of Fine Arts

    Past the houses on the north side of the Palace grounds and the Exploratorium entrance, you'll reach Marina Boulevard.

  • Crossing Marina Boulevard from the Palace of Fine Arts

  • 38 Cross Marina Boulevard

    Directly north of the parking lot next to the Exploratorium entrance, a crosswalk lets you cross the busy Marina Boulevard toward Crissy Field.

  • Entrance to Crissy Field from Marina Boulevard

  • 39 Crissy Field Entrance

    Enter Crissy Field and continue north to reach the water's edge.

  • Promenade shore, north of the Palace of Fine Arts

  • 40 Shoreline near Crissy Field

    You can walk toward the Golden Gate Bridge via the shoreline or the paths through the lawn areas. It will be about a 20 minute walk to reach the path leading up to the bridge.

  • Crissy Field, east of the Golden Gate Bridge

  • 41 Crissy Field

    Continue west, either along the shoreline or on the paths through the grass.

  • The Warming Hut - books, gifts, sandwiches, pastries

  • 42 Warming Hut

    Closer to the bridge, you'll reach the Warming Hut. You can get sandwiches, pastries, and hot drinks here.

  • The Golden Gate Bridge, from the waterfront promenade approaching Fort Point

  • 43 Promenade near Fort Point

    Approaching the Golden Gate Bridge, you can see Fort Point under the bridge.

  • Path leading up to the Golden Gate bridge from the waterfront promenade between Crissy Field and Fort Point

  • 44 Path to Golden Gate Bridge

    Follow the sign pointing the way to the steps that leads up to the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Tunnel on the walking path to Golden Gate Bridge

  • 45 Tunnel in Path to Bridge

    Continue climbing on the path. You'll reach a tunnel that you'll need to duck to pass through.

  • Steps leading up from the tunnel on the wallking path

  • 46 Steps from Tunnel

    Exiting the tunnel, you'll reach a short set of steps leading toward the bridge.

  • Paths leading up to and under the Golden Gate Bridge

  • 47 Top of Path to Golden Gate Bridge

    At the very top of the path, you'll see a bike path continuing under the bridge, and a hairpin turn in the path that leads up to the bridge. Take the sharp turn up to the right side of the bridge.

  • Pedestrian entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge

  • 48 Golden Gate Bridge: Pedestrian Entrance

    Enter the pedestrian walkway on the right side of the bridge.

  • Plaque at the base of the south tower of the Golden Gate Bridge

  • 49 Golden Gate Bridge: South Tower

    At the first of the bridge's two towers, you'll see a plaque with info about the construction of the bridge.

  • Looking south toward Fort Point and San Francisco, from the Golden Gate Bridge

  • 50 Golden Gate Bridge: Views

    From the walkway around the towers, you have views back toward the city and across the bay. Walk as far as you want on the bridge, then go back to the parking lot where you entered the bridge.

  • Parking lot at the Golden Gate Bridge

  • 51 Parking Lot at Golden Gate Bridge

    From the parking lot, you can board the 28-Nineteenth Avenue bus. If you don't see one there, you can wait at the yellow dot in front of the statue. A bus should arrive within about 15 minutes.

  • 28-line Muni Bus at the Golden Gate Bridge parking lot

  • 52 28 Muni bus from Golden Gate Bridge

    This bus will take you back down Lombard Street toward where you began the detour from Chestnut Street.

  • The 28 Bus from Golden Gate Bridge on Lombard Street at Fillmore Street

  • 53 Exit 28 Muni bus at Fillmore Street and Lombard Street

    You can exit the bus on Lombard Street at Fillmore Street. This is one block south of Chestnut Street. From the bus stop, turn right (south) on to Fillmore Street.

  • City Tavern on Fillmore at Greenwich

  • 54 City Tavern at Fillmore Street and Greenwich

    Continue on Fillmore Street and cross Greenwich Street, passing the City Tavern on your left.

  • Espresso Roma Cafe on Fillmore at Pixley

  • 55 Fillmore Street at Pixley

    Continue on Fillmore Street, crossing Pixley Street.

  • Real Food Company Market on Fillmore at Filbert

  • 56 Real Food Company on Fillmore and Filbert Streets

    Continue on Fillmore, crossing Filbert Street and passing Real Food Company on your left.

  • Fillmore Street at Union, looking north towards the bay

  • 57 Fillmore Street at Union Street

    At Union Street, you'll be going left (east).

  • Past Perfect Vintage and Antiques, on Union Street between Fillmore and Steiner

  • 58 Past Perfect Vintage and Antiques

    If you would like to browse a store with antiques and vintage items, Past Perfect is a short detour to the right on Union Street from Fillmore.

  • Union Street between Webster and Fillmore Streets

  • 59 Union Street at Webster Street

    Otherwise, go left on Union Street, crossing Webster, Buchanan and Laguna Streets. You'll pass through the heart of the Cow Hollow area here.

  • Union Street at Laguna Street

  • 60 Union Street at Laguna Street

    Cross Laguna Street and continue on Union Street toward Octavia.

  • Sidewalk on Union Street between Octavia and Laguna Streets

  • 61 Union Street at Octavia Street

    Cross Octavia Street and continue on Union Street toward Gough Street.

  • Union Street at Gough Street

  • 62 Union Street at Gough Street

    At Gough Street, if you look to your right (and it is still daylight), you will see the Octagan House.

  • The Octagon House, on Gough Street between Union and Green Streets

  • 63 Octagon House

    This was built in 1861 and later moved across the street to this spot where it now serves as a museum.

  • Allyne Park, at Gough Street at Green Street, next to the Octagon House

  • 64 Allyne Park

    Next to the Octagon House is the shady neighborhood lawn in Allyne Park.

  • Union Street at Franklin Street

  • 65 Union Street at Franklin Street

    Continue up Union Street and cross Franklin Street.

  • Union Street at Van Ness Avenue

  • 66 Union Street at Van Ness Avenue

    Continue up Union Street and cross Van Ness Avenue.

  • Helmand Palace Afghan Cuisine, on Van Ness Avenue between Union and Green Streets

  • 67 Dining Option: Helmand Palace

    After crossing to the other side of Van Ness Avenue, this inventive Afghan restaurant will be toward your right.

    Helmand Palace is at 2424 Van Ness Avenue between Union and Green Streets. Phone: 415-345-0072. Website:

  • Polk Street near Union Street

  • 68 Polk Street between Union and Green Streets

    One block further up Union Street from Van Ness Avenue, you'll reach Polk Street. Go right (south) on Polk Street.

  • Polk Street at Green Street

  • 69 Polk Street at Green Street

    Continue on Polk Street, crossing Green Street.

  • The Candy Store, on Vallejo Street at Polk Street

  • 70 The Candy Store

    At Vallejo Street, to the right from Polk Street, the Candy Store offers candies by the pound from jars as well as chocolates and packaged selections.

    The Candy Store is at 1507 Vallejo Street between Polk Street and Van Ness Avenue. Phone: 415-921-8000. Website:

  • Nick's Crispy Tacos on Polk Street at Broadway

  • 71 Dining Option: Nick's Crispy Tacos

    A casual neighborhood favorite adjacent to the bar Rouge, you're encouraged to order tacos "Nick's way" (extra guacamole and cheese).

    Nick's Crispy Tacos is at 1500 Broadway at Polk Street. Phone: 415-409-8226.

  • Molte Cose, on Polk Stret between Broadway and Pacific Avenue

  • 72 Shops on Polk Street

    Shops on Polk Street offer vintage and new clothing, home furnishings, cookware and art.

  • The Bell Tower, on Polk Street at Jackson Street

  • 73 Dining Option: The Bell Tower

    The Bell Tower is a neighborhood gathering place, offering a variety of drinking and dining options.

    The Bell Tower is at 1900 Polk Street at the corner of Jackson Street. Phone: 415-567-9596.

  • Red Devil Lounge on Polk Street at Clay Street

  • 74 Red Devil Lounge

    This is a nightclub and live music venue featuring a mix of local and touring bands.

    The Red Devil Lounge is at 1695 Polk Street at the corner of Clay Street. Phone: 415-921-1695. Website:

  • Polk Street between Pine Street and California Street

  • 75 Polk Street at Pine Street

    Continue on Polk Street, crossing Pine Street.

  • Cable Car at California Street and Van Ness Avenue, near Polk Street

  • 76 California Street Cable Car

    One block past Pine Street, you'll reach California Street. The Cable Cars begin at Van Ness (one block west) and you can board at the corner of Polk and California Street.

  • Inside the Cable Car on the California Street line

  • 77 Cable Car to Powell Street

    Board the inbound Cable Car coming from the platform at Van Ness Avenue. This Cable Car will intersect Powell and Stockton Streets just north of Union Square.