Guide: San Francisco Day Tour 3

Day Tour 3 includes Church Street, Castro, Noe Valley, 24th Street/Mission, Bernal Heights, and Lower Mission Street.

  • J-Church Muni Train crossing Duboce Street at Church Street

  • 1 J-Church Muni Train

    Take the outbound J-Church train from any of the underground Muni Stations. After coming out of the tunnel, the train will turn on to Church Street and cross Market Street.

  • Church Street at 16th Street

  • 2 Church Street at 16th Street

    One stop past Market Street, exit the train at Church Street and 16th Street.

  • Morning Due Cafe on 17th Street at Church Street

  • 3 Dining Option: Morning Due Cafe

    One block further down Church Street, at 17th Street, Morning Due Cafe offers quickly prepared breakfast items in a casual coffee-shop atmosphere.

    Morning Due Cafe is at 3698 17th Street at the corner of Church Street. Phone: 415-621-7156. Website:

  • Chow, on Church Street near Market Street

  • 4 Dining Option: Chow

    Back up Church Street towards Market, Chow invites you take your time with breakfast in a neighborhood atmosphere.

    Chow is at 215 Church Street between Market and 15th Street. Phone: 415-552-2469. Website:

  • 16th Street at Church Street

  • 5 16th Street West

    From Church Street, head west on 16th Street. This would be a right turn on 16th from the direction of the outbound J-Church train you exited.

  • 16th Street at Sanchez Street

  • 6 Cross Sanchez Street

    Continue on 16th Street, crossing Sanchez Street.

  • Market Street at Noe Street

  • 7 Market Street at Noe Street

    16th Street meets Market Street where it also intersects with Noe Street. From here, go left on Market Street unless...

  • Lime, on Market Street between Sanchez and Noe Streets

  • 8 Dining Option: Lime

    ...Unless it happens to be Saturday after 11am or Sunday after 10:30am and you'd like to try for weekend brunch at Lime, featuring bottomless mimosas. It will be crowded. From Market and Noe, go right on Market half a block.

    Lime is at 2247 Market Street between Sanchez and Noe Streets. Phone: 415-621-5256. Website:

  • Market Street between Noe and Sanchez

  • 9 Market Street at Castro Street

    After going left on Market Street from Noe Street for 1 block, you'll reach the intersection of Castro Street. Go left on to Castro.

  • Front sign on Castro Theatre

  • 10 Castro Theatre

    Just around the corner from Market Street, this gorgeous 1922 movie palace features classic films, themed festivals, and a cinema organist.

    The Castro Theatre is at 429 Castro Street, just south of Market. Phone: 415-621-6120. Website:

  • Castro Street at 18th Street

  • 11 Castro Street

    Continue down Castro Street toward 18th Street. The rainbow flags prevalent in the Castro represent diversity, inclusiveness, and pride.

  • Citizen, on Castro Street

  • 12 Shops on Castro Street

    Shops of all kinds along Castro Street reflect the style of the neighborhood.

  • The 24 Divisadero Bus on Castro and 19th Street

  • 13 Divisadero-24 Bus

    From Castro Street at 19th Street (or 18th Street), catch the 24-Divisadero bus to go up over the hill toward Noe Valley.

  • Castro Street at 24th Street

  • 14 24th Street at Castro in Noe Valley

    At the bottom of the hill, the bus will cross 24th Street. Exit here and go left (east) on 24th Street.

  • Shops on 24th Street in Noe Vallley

  • 15 Shops on 24th Street

    Continue on 24th Street toward Noe Street. Many of the shops in Noe Valley carry beautiful things for the home.

  • Chocolate Covered - imported chocolates and gifts

  • 16 Chocolate Covered

    This shop features a range of imported chocolates and custom made souvenir tins depicting places in San Francisco.

    Chocolate Covered is at 4069 24th Street between Castro and Noe Streets. Phone: 415-641-8123.

  • 24th Street at Noe Street

  • 17 24th Street at Noe Street

    Continue on 24th Street past Noe Street.

  • 24th Street at Noe Street

  • 18 Bernie's Coffee Shop

    Bernie's is an independent, locally owned coffee shop. 24th street just past Noe.

  • 24th Street at Sanchez Street in Noe Valley

  • 19 24th Street at Sanchez Street

    Continue on 24th Street past Sanchez Street.

  • Crossing Church Street at 24th Street

  • 20 24th Street at Church Street

    At Church Street, you'll cross the path of the J-Church Muni line again.

  • Dolores Street at 24th Street

  • 21 24th Street at Dolores Street

    Continue down 24th Street and cross Dolores Street.

  • Guerrero Street at 24th Street

  • 22 24th Street at Guerrero Street

    Down the slope of 24th Street from Dolores, you'll cross Guerero Street.

  • Papalote Mexican Grill, on 24th Street at Valencia

  • 23 Dining Option: Papalote Mexican Grill

    Just before reaching Valencia Street (on the right side), this Mexican Grill is a busy neighborhood favorite featuring a unique roasted salsa recipe.

    Papalote is at 3409 24th Street just east of Valencia Street. Phone: 415-970-8815. Website:

  • 24th Street at Valencia Street

  • 24 24th Street at Valencia Street

    Cross Valencia Street and continue on 24th Street toward Mission Street.

  • Corner of 24th Street at Mission Street

  • 25 Cross Mission Street and continue on 24th Street

    As you cross Mission Street, you'll pass the BART Station on your left and enter a stretch of 24th Street that vibrantly reflects the city's Latino heritage.

  • Entrance to Balmy Street from 24th Street, between Treat Avenue and Harrison Street

  • 26 Balmy Street at 24th Street

    After crossing Shotwell, Folsom, and Treat Avenue, Balmy Street is an alley to the right with a gallery of neighborhood murals.

  • Balmy Street at 24th Street - a corridor filled with murals

  • 27 Balmy Street Murals

    The murals extend from 24th Street to 25th Street. Return to 24th Street after viewing these.

  • Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream, on Harrison at 24th Street

  • 28 Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

    This neighborhood ice cream shop makes its flavors by hand, and features unique and original ingredient combinations.

    Humphry Slocombe is at 2790 Harrison Street just north of 24th Street. Phone: 415-550-6971. Website:

  • 24th Street at Alabama Street

  • 29 24th Street Shops

    Some of the shops, bars, and groceries on 24th Street have been here since the 1940s and 50s, when workers from Mexico settled in this area.

  • Dominguez Mexican Bakery on 24th Street at Alabama

  • 30 Dominguez Bakery

    This family-owned bakery has been here since the early days of the neighborhood, and offers traditional Mexican Breads and pastries.

    Dominguez Bakery is at 2951 24th Street at Alabama Street. Phone: 415-821-1717.

  • La Victoria Bakery on 24th Street at Alabama Street

  • 31 Cross Alabama Street

    Continue on 24th Street past Alabama Street.

  • Entrance to the mini-park at 24th Street and York

  • 32 Mini Park on 24th Street near York Street

    After crossing Florida and Bryant Streets, you'll reach the Mini Park near York Street on your left.

  • Snake in the mini-park at 24th Street and York

  • 33 Snake inside 24th/York Mini Park

    Inside the park are the Quetzalcoatl Mosaic Snake Sculpture, murals, and a fountain.

  • St. Francis Diner and Fountain on 24th Street at York

  • 34 Dining Option: St Francis Diner

    At the corner of 24th Street and York, the St. Francis Fountain and Diner has operated since 1918. They feature a soda fountain, lunch counter, and candy shop with vintage trading cards.

    St. Francis Diner is at 2801 24th Street at York Street. Phone: 415-826-4200. Website:

  • 24th Street at York Street

  • 35 24th Street at York Street

    Continue on 24th Street, crossing York Street.

  • Dynamo Donuts, on 24th Street near York

  • 36 Dynamo Donuts

    Just past York Street, on your left, Dynamo Donuts has a counter facing the sidewalk. They serve handmade gourmet donuts with some unusual flavors. Very popular - donuts sometimes sell out by afternoon.

    Dynamo Donuts and Coffee is at 2760 24th Street between York and Hampshire Streets. Phone: 415-920-1978. Website:

  • Philz Coffee on 24th Street at Folsom Street

  • 37 Philz Coffee on 24th Street at Folsom

    Go back on 24th Street to Folsom Street. It is six blocks from York Street. At the corner of Folsom, Philz Coffee serves coffee custom brewed one cup at a time.

    Philz Coffee is at 3101 24th Street at Folsom Street. Phone: 415-875-9370. Website:

  • The 67 bus approaching Folsom Street from 24th Street

  • 38 The 67-Bernal Bus from Folsom at 24th Street

    The 67-Bernal bus will come west down 24th Street (from the direction you originally came) and turn the corner on to Folsom Street and stop there. You can board on Folsom Street next to Philz Coffee.

  • Bus stop on Bradford Street at Bernal Heights Boulevard, near Bernal Hill

  • 39 Bus Stop at Bradford Street and Bernal Heights Boulevard

    The 67-Bernal bus goes up the steep hill toward Bernal Heights and stops at Bradford Street and Bernal Heights Boulevard. You may need to request this stop from the driver if no one else is exiting there. It's hard to tell from inside the bus when you've reached the intersection.

  • Looking towards Bernal Hill from Bradford Street

  • 40 West toward Bernal Hill

    From the bus stop on Bradford Street at Bernal Heights Boulevard, head west toward Bernal Hill (to your left after exiting the bus).

  • Bernal Hill, on the east side

  • 41 Climb Bernal Hill

    At the foot of Bernal Hill, you'll find a rough network of paths leading up to the top of the hill.

  • The top of Bernal Hill

  • 42 Top of Bernal Hill

    Continue heading toward the very top peak of Bernal Hill (also known as Bernal Heights Park). This hill was used by early ranchers for grazing cattle.

  • City view from top of Bernal Hill

  • 43 Views from Bernal Hill

    Walk around the top of Bernal Hill for panoramic views in every direction across the city.

  • The south side of Bernal Hill

  • 44 South side of Bernal Hill

    On the south side of Bernal Hill (left from the direction you climbed the hill), a path leads down to Bernal Heights Boulevard.

  • Stairs leading down from Bernal Hill, on the south side

  • 45 Stairs down from Bernal Hill

    The path ends with stairs to the street by a "No Outlet" sign.

  • Ellsworth Street at Bernal Heights Boulevard on the south side of Bernal Hill

  • 46 Ellsworth Street at Bernal Heights Boulevard

    Ellsworth Street intersects with Bernal Heights Boulevard at the bottom of the stairs.

  • Ellsworth Street, looking down toward Cortland Avenue

  • 47 Ellsworth Street to Cortland Avenue

    Cross Bernal Heights Boulevard and head down Ellsworth Street. Cross Powhattan and Eugenia Avenue to reach Cortland Avenue.

  • Cortland Avenue in Bernal Heights

  • 48 Cortland Avenue

    From Ellsworth, go right (west) on Cortland Avenue. This is the main commercial street in Bernal Heights.

  • Liberty Cafe on Cortland Avenue - dinner menu features pot pies, bakery open daytimes

  • 49 Dining Option: Liberty Cafe

    Liberty Cafe features a dinner menu with colonial flavor (pot pies are a signature dish), and a bakery round the back which is open early in the day.

    Liberty Cafe is at 410 Cortland Avenue between Bennington and Wool Streets. Phone: 415-695-8777. Website:

  • Red Hill Books on Cortland Avenue

  • 50 Shops on Cortland Avenue

    Shops like Red Hill Books are integral to the small-town feel of Bernal Heights.

  • Cortland Avenue at Bonview Street

  • 51 Continue down Cortland Avenue

    Continue down the hill on Cortland Avenue, crossing Bonview, Elsie, and Winfield Streets.

  • Good Prospect Community Garden, at Cortland Avenue and Prospect Avenue

  • 52 Right on Prospect Avenue

    At Prospect Avenue, you'll see the Good Prospect Community Garden stairs on your left. Go right on to Prospect Avenue.

  • Stairway connecting Kingston Street between Prospect Avenue and Coleridge Street

  • 53 Kingston Stairway from Prospect Avenue

    Just after turning on to Prospect Avenue, you'll reach the Kingston Street Steps, leading down to Coleridge Street. Take this stairway down.

  • Eugenia Avenue at Coleridge Street

  • 54 Right on Coleridge Street

    At the bottom of the steps, go right on Coleridge Street to Eugenia Avenue.

  • Eugenia Avenue between Coleridge Street and Mission Street

  • 55 Eugenia Avenue to Mission Street

    At Eugenia Avenue, go left, down the hill toward Mission Street.

  • Mission Street at Eugenia Avenue

  • 56 Right on Mission Street from Eugenia Avenue

    From Eugenia Avenue, go right (north) on Mission Street.

  • Emmy's Spaghetti Shack on Virginia Avenue, off Mission Street near 30th Street

  • 57 Dining Option: Emmy's Spaghetti Shack

    At the corner of Virgina Avenue, this dark and playful dining room serves famous plates of spaghetti. Sign your name in if it's already busy.

    Emmy's Spaghetti Shack is at 18 Virgina Avenue at Mission Street. Phone: 415-206-2086.

  • Lower Mission Street, near 29th Street

  • 58 Mission Street

    Lower Mission Street has a crazy variety of dining options. Continue up Mission Street toward 29th Street.

  • The Front Porch, on 29th Street, between Mission and San Jose Avenue

  • 59 Dining Option: Front Porch

    A detour to the left at 29th Street yields the Front Porch, a cozy home-like venue serving Cajun fare.

    The Front Porch is at 65 29th Street at Tiffany Avenue, just west of Mission Street. Phone: 415-695-7800. Website:

  • 29th Street at Tiffany Avenue, between Mission Street and San Jose Avenue

  • 60 29th Street to San Jose Avenue

    A short distance further on 29th Street (past Tiffany Avenue), you'll reach San Jose Avenue.

  • Mitchell's Ice Cream, on San Jose Avenue near 29th Street

  • 61 Mitchell's Ice Cream

    To the right from San Jose Avenue is Mitchell's Ice Cream, an old-school parlor with a long list of hand-made flavors. You might have to take a number and wait.

    Mitchell's Ice Cream is at 688 San Jose Avenue, just north of 29th Street. Phone: 415-648-2300. Website:

  • SoCha (South of Caesar Chavez) Cafe, on Mission Street near the intersection of Valencia

  • 62 Dining Option: SoCha Cafe

    Return to Mission Street and continue north past 29th Street. Before the angled intersection of Valencia Street, SoCha (South of Cesar Chavez) is a cafe with sandwiches and house-baked items. Cash only.

    SoCha is at 3235 Mission Street, just south of Valencia Street. Phone: 415-643-6848. Website:

  • The Knockout Bar, on Mission near Valencia

  • 63 The Knockout

    Among the night spots you'll pass on this stretch of Mission, The Knockout stands out as a favorite neighborhood dive bar.

    The Knockout is at 3223 Mission Street, near the intersection of Valencia Street. Phone: 415-550-6994. Website:

  • Taqueria Cancun, on Mission Street near 29th Street

  • 64 Dining Option: Taqueria Cancun

    Mission area taqueria popularity and excellence are a locally controversial subject, but Cancun has a long history of acclaim.

    Taqueria Cancun is at 3211 Mission Street, near the intersection of Valencia Street. Phone: 415-550-1414.

  • Mission Street at 25th Street

  • 65 Mission Street toward 24th Street

    Continue up Mission Street, crossing Cesar Chavez Street, 26th, and 25th Streets.

  • BART Station and bus stop on Mission Street at 24th Street

  • 66 24th Street at Mission

    At 24th Street you'll reach the BART Station that you would have passed by earlier in the tour.

  • Stairs leading down to the BART station at 24th and Mission Streets

  • 67 24th Street BART Station Entrance

    Enter 24th Street BART Station.

  • Inside the BART station at 24th and Mission Streets

  • 68 BART from 24th Street Station to Powell or Montgomery

    Trains from 24th Street return directly to downtown stations. You may need to purchase a BART ticket, as Muni Visitor Passes do not cover BART fares.