Guide: San Francisco Day Tour 2

Day Tour 2 includes the Inner Sunset (9th/Irving), Golden Gate Park (East Side), Haight Ashbury, and Clement Street.

Preparations for Day Tour 2: Bring a cloth sack to carry picnic food, and a towel to spread out on the grass. The plan for this day requires at least decent weather. If it's stormy or freezing, alternate plans are recommended. If it's merely foggy or overcast, you can carry on, but dress warmly. Fog in the park can be thick.

  • Muni gates inside the Powell Street station

  • 1 N-Judah Muni Train Outbound

    From any underground Muni Station (including Montgomery or Powell Street), take the outbound N-Judah train.

  • The N-Judah Train, on Irving Street at 9th Avenue

  • 2 Exit N-Judah at Irving Street and 9th Avenue

    The train will emerge from the tunnel at Duboce Park and then enter a second tunnel to Cole Street. Stay on the train until 9th Avenue at Irving.

  • Crepevine on Irving Street at 7th Avenue

  • 3 Dining Option: Crepevine

    On weekends there may be a short line to order, but this will be a fast sit-down breakfast with a wide range of menu items, including Pumpkin Spice pancakes.

    Crepevine is at 624 Irving Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. Phone: 415-681-5858. Website:

  • Arizmendi Bakery, on 9th Avenue between Irving and Judah Streets

  • 4 Pick Up Lunch at Arizmendi Bakery

    This tour will keep you in Golden Gate Park for a big chunk of the day. Get sweet and savory baked items (and water/bottled drinks) to take with you into the park from this local co-operative.

    Arizmendi Bakery is at 1331 9th Avenue between Irving and Judah Streets. Phone: 415-566-3117. Website:

  • 9th Avenue between Irving Street and Lincoln Way

  • 5 Ninth Avenue at Irving

    Go back on 9th Avenue and cross Irving Street again, continuing north on 9th Avenue toward Lincoln Way.

  • Park Chow, in 9th Avenue between Irving Street and Lincoln Way

  • 6 Dining Option: Park Chow

    Breakfast here may take a little longer, but can be worth it for the neighborhood atmosphere and organic home-made dishes.

    Park Chow is at 1240 9th Avenue between Irving and Lincoln Way. Phone: 415-665-9912. Website:

  • Entrance to Golden Gate Park at 9th Street and Lincoln Way

  • 7 Golden Gate Park from 9th Street

    From 9th Avenue at Lincoln Way, cross Lincoln to enter Golden Gate Park at 9th Avenue.

  • Main entrance to the Botanical Garden, near 9th Avenue and Lincoln Way

  • 8 Botanical Garden: Main Entrance

    Just inside the park, on the left side, enter the main gate to the Botanical Garden. Thousands of plant varieties from all over the world are showcased here. Website:

  • Bookstore at the main entrance to the Botanical Garden

  • 9 Botanical Garden: Bookstore

    This tiny bookstore stocks books on city and park history, as well as general references on gardening and horticulture. The available map of Golden Gate Park is highly recommended.

  • Walking paths inside the Botanical Garden, near the east entrance

  • 10 Botanical Garden: East Lawns

    From the big lawns near the main entrance, follow the walking paths toward the left.

  • Bamboo grove near south edge of Botanical Garden

  • 11 Botanical Garden: New World Cloud Forest

    Follow the paths leading into the gardens toward the left, which feature lily ponds, bamboo groves, and plant specimens from Asia.

  • California Redwoods inside the Botanical Garden

  • 12 Botanical Garden: Redwood Nature Trail

    Following the paths around the circle of the Botanical Garden clockwise, you'll reach the gardens with native California plants, and the trail through the shady redwoods.

  • The Succulent Garden inside the Botanical Garden

  • 13 Botanical Garden: Succulent Garden

    Continuing clockwise around the edge of the garden, you'll pass through the sunny succulent garden, with varieties of cactus and desert plants.

  • Bridge near the Moon Viewing Garden inside the Botanical Garden

  • 14 Botanical Garden: Moon Viewing Garden

    On the far west side of the garden, the landscaping is Japanese in style, with short bridges and stepping stones. From here, cut back toward the middle of the garden, past the lawns and meadows.

  • Cape Province Garden, near the middle of the Botanical Garden

  • 15 Botanical Garden: Cape Province Garden

    Cross through the lawns at the center of the garden towards the main gate you entered from.

  • Mexican Bell, in the Garden of Fragrance

  • 16 Botanical Garden: Garden of Fragrance

    From the main gate, follow the edge of the garden around toward the right this time, to this area featuring fragrant planting, the Mexican Bell, and the statue of Junipero Serra.

  • The Friend Gate entrance to the Botanical Garden, from MLK Drive

  • 17 Botanical Garden: Friend Gate

    Continuing along the right edge (counter-clockwise), you'll pass wooden plank paths and reach the Friend Gate at the far north edge of the garden.

  • Sidewalk on MLK Drive in Golden Gate Park, facing west

  • 18 MLK Drive West

    Exit the Botanical Garden at the Friend Gate and go left (west) on Martin Luther King Jr Drive.

  • Steps leading up to Stow Lake from MLK Drive

  • 19 Steps to Stow Lake

    Follow MLK Drive until you reach the steps on the right which lead up to Stow Lake.

  • Path around the outer bank of Stow Lake

  • 20 Path at Stow Lake

    At the top of the steps, follow the path towards the right, around the edge of Stow Lake.

  • Strawberry Hill and the Chinese Pavilion from the edge of Stow Lake

  • 21 Stow Lake

    Follow the path around Stow Lake, and you'll see the Chinese Pagoda and Huntington Falls across the lake. The largest of Golden Gate Park's man-made lakes, Stow Lake was completed in 1894.

  • The Roman Bridge, connecting Strawberry Hill with the Stow Lake perimeter

  • 22 Roman Bridge

    When you reach the concrete Roman Bridge at your left, cross the bridge to the foot of Strawberry Hill at the center of the lake. This 1893 bridge was the first of two constructed to cross the lake.

  • Steps leading up to the top of Strawberry Hill

  • 23 Steps on Strawberry Hill

    Towards the left, you'll find steps leading up alongside Huntington Falls to the top of Strawberry Hill.

  • Looking down over the top of Huntington Falls at Strawberry Hill

  • 24 View from the Top of Huntington Falls

    A bridge across the top of Strawberry Hill lets you look down at the lake and the city toward the east. This peak featured an observatory, which was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake.

  • The top of Strawberry Hill

  • 25 Top of Strawberry Hill

    At the top of Strawberry Hill, you'll find a wooded area with partial views in all directions. Wild strawberries had originally taken root on this hilltop, giving hope to the park's founders that the area could be successfully cultivated. Go back down the stairs to the bottom of Huntington Falls.

  • Huntington Falls, from the bottom of Strawberry Hill

  • 26 Huntington Falls

    Cross the stepping stones at the foot of Huntington Falls towards the Chinese Pavilion.

  • Chinese Pavilion at the foot of Strawberry Hill

  • 27 Chinese Pavilion

    Pass through the Chinese Pavilion and continue on the path counter-clockwise around Strawberry Hill. This structure was a gift from San Francisco's sister city, Taipei, in 1976.

  • The Rustic Bridge at Stow Lake

  • 28 Rustic Bridge

    When you reach the Rustic Bridge, cross the bridge back to the outer shore of Stow Lake and continue in the same direction around the other side of the lake. This bridge also dates back to 1893.

  • Stow Lake, looking south toward Strawberry Hill

  • 29 Stow Lake, North Side

    Around the north side of the lake, you'll have views of the back side of Strawberry Hill.

  • Snack Bar and Boat Rentals on the north side of Stow Lake

  • 30 Snack Bar and Boat Rentals

    Once you've gone all the way around to the lake's northeast point, you'll reach the snack bar and boat rental building.

  • Bike and Surry Rentals, at the back of the Boat House on the north side of Stow Lake

  • 31 Bike and Surrey Rentals

    The back of the same building has bikes and surreys for rent. From this point, follow the path directly up northwest, away from the lake, to an elevated picnic area.

  • Picnic Area at the northwest side of Stow Lake, near the Bike Rental area

  • 32 Picnic Area at Northwest Corner of Stow Lake

    From this picnic area, you can see Rainbow Falls through the trees on the other side of JFK Drive. Find the path in back of the picnic area leading down toward JFK Drive.

  • Crossover Drive, from the walking path connecting JFK Drive with Stow Lake

  • 33 Path from Picnic Area to JFK Drive

    Coming down this path, you'll see JFK Drive and the Crossover Drive overpass. Continue down to JFK Drive and go right.

  • Stream running along edge of JFK drive, near Rainbow Falls

  • 34 JFK Drive

    As you go right on JFK Drive, you'll see the stream on your left which circulates the water to the falls.

  • Rainbow Falls, at JFK Drive near Crossover Drive

  • 35 Rainbow Falls

    Follow JFK Drive, passing Rainbow Falls on your left. The falls are named for the colored lights that originally framed the falls at their dedication in 1930.

  • Pioneer Log Cabin, north of Stow Lake, just south of JFK Drive

  • 36 Pioneer Log Cabin

    Continue on JFK Drive until you reach the Pioneer Log Cabin on your right. The cabin was constructed in 1911 from redwood logs, to honor the pioneer women of California.

  • Colonial Historic Trees, just south of JFK Drive and north of Stow Lake

  • 37 Colonial Historic Trees

    Just past the Pioneer Log Cabin, a meadow opens up on your right with a group of trees planted in 1896 for each of the original colonial states.

  • The Rose Garden

  • 38 Rose Garden

    Continue along JFK Drive until you reach the entrance to the Rose Garden on your left. The roses are at their peak in late summer.

  • Redwoods in the Heroes Grove, near Fulton and 12th Avenue

  • 39 Heroes Grove

    Near the Rose Garden entrance, paths lead toward the left from JFK Drive into a wooded area. Follow the path into the woods, passing a stone monument, and continue east alongside JFK Drive.

  • Garden of Enchantment, near the Music Concourse and DeYoung Museum

  • 40 Garden of Enchantment

    The paths through the Heroes Grove come to an end at 10th Avenue. Cross JFK Drive towards the right and enter the Music Concourse and Museum area at the Garden of Enchantment.

  • DeYoung Museum, on the north side of Museum Plaza

  • 41 DeYoung Museum

    To the right of the garden is the DeYoung Museum, hosting exhibitions of art and historic artifacts. Inside the museum is a free observation tower.

  • Inside the DeYoung Observation Tower, looking south over the Music Concourse

  • 42 DeYoung Museum Observation Tower

    Take the elevator (towards the right after you enter) to the top of the observation tower for views over the park and surrounding area.

  • The Music Concourse, looking east

  • 43 Music Concourse

    Return to the Music Concourse, and cross through the middle toward the Academy of Sciences building on the other side. This area and the Japanese Tea Garden were originally developed in 1894.

  • Front of the Academy of Sciences Building

  • 44 Academy of Sciences

    From the Academy of Sciences building, continue through the Music Concourse toward the Music Stand. This facility was entirely rebuilt and re-opened in 2008. A visit to the Academy requires at least a couple of hours.

  • The Music Stand, at the west edge of the Music Concourse

  • 45 Music Stand

    This concert shell, part of the 1894 Mid-Winter Exhibition development, still hosts performances on Sundays. Just behind the Music Stand, towards the right, you'll find the path to the Japanese Tea Garden.

  • Crossing from the Music Stand to the entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden

  • 46 Cross to Japanese Tea Garden

    Crossing Hagiwara Tea Garden Drive from the Music Stand, you reach the front entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden.

  • Entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden

  • 47 Japanese Tea Garden Entrance

    A beautifully cultivated Japanese garden, and part of the city's history. Admission is $5/Adult. Phone: 415-752-4227. Website:

  • Path from Tea Garden Drive to MLK Drive

  • 48 Tea Garden to MLK Drive

    Exiting the Tea Garden, go right on Tea Garden Drive toward Martin Luther King Jr Drive.

  • MLK Drive at Tea Garden Drive, facing east

  • 49 MLK Drive West

    Go left on Martin Luther King Jr Drive, with the Music Concourse on your left.

  • Crossing Music Concourse Drive at MLK Drive

  • 50 Cross Music Concourse Drive

    Continue on Martin Luther King Jr Drive, passing the entrance to Music Concourse Drive.

  • Entrance to the Shakespeare Garden, from MLK Drive

  • 51 Path to Shakespeare Garden

    After Music Concourse Drive, you'll reach a path with a sign pointing left toward the Shakespeare Garden. Follow this path.

  • The Shakespeare Garden

  • 52 Shakespeare Garden

    Enter the Shakespeare Garden and walk all the way to the wall at the end. Established in 1928, this garden features plants and flowers mentioned in Shakespeare's writings.

  • Opening at the back of the Shakespeare Garden leading out toward Middle Drive East

  • 53 Exit Shakespeare Garden

    To the right of the wall at the back of the Shakespeare Garden is an opening leading back out to the road, which is now Middle Drive East.

  • Middle Drive East, toward the Big Rec Field entrance

  • 54 Middle Drive East

    Cross to the other side of Middle Drive East and go left (east) on the path along the road.

  • Entrance to the Big Recreation Fields and Handball Courts, from Middle Drive East

  • 55 Path to Big Rec Fields

    On your right, you'll reach the sign and path leading to the Big Rec Ballfields and Handball Courts. Follow this path toward the Handball Courts.

  • Path around the Handball Courts at the Big Rec Field

  • 56 Path around Handball Courts

    Walk around the Handball Courts to the left, with the Big Rec Fields ahead and on your right as you make the left turn around the Handball Courts.

  • Path from the Handball Courts and Big Rec Field toward the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 57 Walking Path from Big Rec Fields

    On the other side of the Handball Courts building, follow the unmarked path leading up a hill toward the trees.

  • Scattered stones at the bend in the path toward the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 58 Pasth by Scattered Stones

    At a bend in the path, you'll see scattered blocks of stone in the ground and around a tree on your left. Continue as the path bends to the right.

  • Path at the top of the steps leading to the Dry Creek area of the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 59 Path Down from Bench

    After passing a grassy slope toward your left, the path will divide left and right. Take the left, and then the steps leading down directly opposite a bench.

  • Circle at the beginning of the Dry Creek Trail in the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 60 Circle at Dry Creek Trail

    After descending the steps, you'll reach the circle at the beginning of the Dry Creek Trail area. Take the trail on the left side of the Dry Creek.

  • Path in the dry creek section of the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 61 Dry Creek Trail

    Follow the trail along the edge of the Dry Creek bed.

  • Exiting the Dry Creek Path to the lawn in the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 62 Memorial Grove Lawn

    The trail will end at the opening to a lawn area. Continue in the same direction to the other side of the lawn area.

  • Path leading to the center of the AIDS Memorial Grove

  • 63 Path to Memorial Grove Center

    At the opposite end of the lawn area, you'll reach a path leading to the AIDS Memorial Grove. Designed and landscaped by groups of volunteers, this grove was officially designated in 1996.

  • Exiting the AIDS Memorial Grove to Bowling Green Drive

  • 64 Exit Grove to Bowling Green Drive

    Continue on the path and exit the AIDS Memorial Grove, turning right on to Bowling Green Drive.

  • Bowling Green Drive, near Middle Drive East

  • 65 Bowling Green Drive South

    Follow Bowling Green Drive towards the right (south).

  • Lawn Bowling Courts on Bowling Green Drive

  • 66 Lawn Bowling Courts

    On your left and right, you'll pass the Lawn Bowling Courts. Continue until the road bends to the right, and you reach a path leading up a hill into a wooded area.

  • Paths between Bowling Green Drive and Children's Playground

  • 67 Picnic Area south of Bowling Green

    Take the path up to the wooded picnic area and go left (east) toward the Children's Playground and Sharon Building.

  • Sharon Building, at the Children's Playground

  • 68 Sharon Building

    Opened in 1888, this building was meant to be an indoor play area and extension of the playground. It now hosts an art studio. The Children's Playground is just beyond.

  • West entrance to the Koret Children's Quarter, or Children's Playground

  • 69 Children's Playground

    Children have played here since 1888. From the playground, go left toward the large grassy area. This is Sharon Meadow.

  • Sharon Meadow and the path over Hippie Hill around the Tennis Courts

  • 70 Sharon Meadow

    Cross Sharon Meadow toward Hippie Hill and the tennis courts. Take the path to the right of the tennis courts, going up over the hill.

  • Looking down over Sharon Meadow and the Children's Playground from the hill known as Hippie Hill

  • 71 Hippie Hill

    From the top of Hippie Hill near the tennis courts, you can look back over Sharon Meadow. This hill was a primary gathering point during the 1960s.

  • Path from Sharon Meadow leading through the Tennis Courts toward JFK Drive

  • 72 Path Through Tennis Courts

    As you follow the path, you'll pass tennis courts first on your left and then on your right. Continue on the path until you reach JFK Drive.

  • Conservatory of Flowers from the front at JFK Drive

  • 73 Conservatory of Flowers Front Lawn

    When you reach JFK Drive, you will see the Conservatory of Flowers across the lawn toward your left. Follow JFK Drive toward the Conservatory.

  • Tree Fern Dell, south of the Conservatory of Flowers

  • 74 Tree Fern Dell

    Across the street from the Conservatory of Flowers is a grove of Fern Trees dating back to the park's early years.

  • The Conservatory of Flowers Building

  • 75 Conservatory of Flowers

    Originally built in 1878, the renovated glass greenhouse now hosts plant galleries and special exhibits. Admission is $7/Adult. Phone: 415-831-2090. Website:

  • The Dahlia Garden, on the east side of the Conservatory of Flowers

  • 76 Dahlia Garden

    Facing the Conservatory building, the Dahlia Garden is just to the right, down the steps from the entrance. From here, follow the paths behind the Dahlia Garden leading up and to the left.

  • Walking path near the Fuchsia Dell

  • 77 Fuchsia Dell

    Follow the paths due east past lawns and tree groves, to pass through the Fuchsia Dell near the northeast corner of the park.

  • The east edge of Golden Gate Park, where JFK Drive begins at Stanyan Street

  • 78 Stanyan Street

    Continuing straight east you'll exit Golden Gate Park on to Stanyan Street. Go right on Stanyan Street toward Haight Street.

  • The intersection of Stanyan and Haight Streets, across from Golden Gate Park

  • 79 Haight Street at Stanyan Street

    At the intersection of Stanyan and Haight Street, go left on Haight.

  • Haight Street between Stanyan and Shrader

  • 80 Haight Street

    This is the start of the six-block stretch of Haight Street that is the commercial heart of the Haight Ashbury area.

  • Amoeba Music on Haight between Stanyan and Shrader

  • 81 Amoeba Music

    On your right, you'll see Amoeba Music, a large independent store stocking CDs, vinyl, and movies. Phone: 415-831-1200. Website:

  • La Rosa Vintage, on Haight Street

  • 82 Vintage Shops on Haight Street

    Several vintage clothing shops are on Haight Street, including La Rosa.

  • Haight Street near Belvedere Street

  • 83 Continue East on Haight Street

    Continue on Haight Street and cross to either side for any shops that call your attention.

  • Haight Street betwen Masonic and Ashbury Street

  • 84 Haight Ashbury Intersection

    This corner today features a poster shop and a Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream store.

  • Haight Street betwen Masonic and Ashbury Street

  • 85 Buena Vista Park

    Buena Vista Park marks the end of the Haight Ashbury (Upper Haight) area. From this point you can go back the other way on Haight Street.

  • 33-Stanyan bus on Haight Street

  • 86 Stanyan-33 Bus from Haight Street

    When you're ready to move on to Clement Street, catch the Stanyan-33 Bus (on Haight, at Clayton, Cole, or Stanyan) going in the direction back towards the park.

  • Bus stop on Arguello Street at Euclid Avenue

  • 87 Exit 33 Bus on Arguello at Euclid

    The 33-Stanyan bus stops at Euclid Avenue at Arguello Street. Exit here and cross to the other side of Arguello.

  • The beginning of Clement Street at Arguello Boulevard

  • 88 Beginning of Clement Street

    Just south of the bus stop at Euclid Avenue, Clement Street begins. Proceed west on Clement Street.

  • Chapeau! French Restaurant on Clement Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenue

  • 89 Dinner Option: Chapeau!

    This is French cuisine, and a charming neighborhood favorite. Reservations may be necessary if it's the weekend or prime dinner time.

    Chapeau! is at 126 Clement Street between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. Phone: 415-750-9787. Website:

  • Clement Street at 4th Avenue in the Inner Richmond

  • 90 Clement Street

    Continue on Clement Street toward 4th Avenue.

  • Burma SuperStar, on Clement Street at 4th Avenue

  • 91 Dinner Option: Burma Superstar

    Notoriously popular, you get into Burma Superstar by signing your name to the list inside, and waiting. No one else serves Burmese dishes quite like this place.

  • Green Apple Books on Clement Street at 6th Avenue

  • 92 Green Apple Books

    Independent bookseller offering both new and used books (and music and movies, at a second store two doors down), knowledgable staff and great recommendations.

  • The 2-Clement bus, on Clement Street

  • 93 2-Clement Bus to Post Street

    From Clement Street, you can catch the 2-Clement bus (at any of the even-numbered avenue intersections) to return to the Union Square area via Post Street.